Work construction of road start in Paktia

PAKTIA (Agencies): The Paktia Municipality officials said, that according to the master plan of the Gardez city, the Khujah Hassan road second phase work construction begins worth 15 million Afghani.
The Gardez Mayor Mawlavi Sharifullah Elham told Bakhtar news agency that the project is implemented according to the master plan of the city worth 15 million Afghani, and the project is financially supported by the provincial municipality.
The road is 80-meter length and 30 wides to the eastern from Mujahid Square, and 630-meter length and 15-meter wide to the south from Mujahid Square, this road is connected to the Gardez Bala-e-hissar road to the saed Karam road.
Most of the residents said that they are happy with the completion of the urban master plan, but they asked the municipality to give them land in exchange for their demolished property and houses.