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KABUL (BNA): Dr. Najibullah Tawana was introduced as the head of Balkh public health to the doctors and staff of the Department.
According to BNA, in a function which was held on this occasion, Mawlavi Qudratullah Abu Hamza, the governor of Balkh, appreciated the work of the former chief and said, Mawlavi Sheikh Mir Saddam has rendered significant services to the Mujahideen and the people of Afghanistan during the jihad and struggle, and also during his service in this department to provide better health services.
The governor of Balkh considered change and transformation in the government as a principle and added: what is important in the Islamic Emirate is responsibility, commitment to the people and society, not position. The governor of Balkh added: “In the system of the Islamic Emirate, responsibility is considered a principle and in the system of the Islamic Emirate, there is no corruption, bribery, buying and selling seats and everyone is responsible to God, people and conscience and are ready to serve with Islamic commitment.”
Mawlavi Sheikh Mir Saddam, the former head of Balkh of Public Health Department, briefed the audience on his work and said that he was working with the new head of public health.
Then, Dr. Najibullah Tawana, Head of Balkh Public Health Department, in a good speech, thanked the officials of the Islamic Emirate, Ministry of Public Health and officials of Balkh province for his selection as Public Health of Balkh, Supervisor said, “He is working hard to provide health services, maintain better health and order in the public health sector.

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