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World food prices rising due to Western sanctions: Moscow

Written by The Frontier Post

MOSCOW (TASS): World food prices are rising as a result of Western sanctions, and not a military special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zak-harova wrote about this on Saturday in her Telegram channel , commenting on the words of German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock that global famine could occur due to the situation in Ukraine.
“Prices are rising due to sanctions imposed by the collective West under pressure from the United States. This is if we talk about the direct reason. Failure to understand this is a sign of either stupidity or deliberate misleading of the public,” Zakharova said.
According to the diplomat, the collapse of Ukraine’s statehood is also the work of the collective West. “Ms. Burbock’s predecessors are also involved in it, who not only interfered in the situation in this country, but modeled Ukraine’s domestic and foreign policy in manual mode,” she stressed.
Earlier, Burbock anno-unced a strong increase in food prices due to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. In her opinion, this “blockade of food exports” is a conscious strategy of the Russian Federation and thus becomes, allegedly, part of a “hybrid war.”
Maria Zakharova, called ridiculous the statement of the US Ambassador to Moscow, John Sullivan, that it is allegedly very difficult for Russians to gain access to various sources of information.
“Is this the ambassador of a country whose Internet monopolies are blocking Russian media? Is this the ambassador of a country that is demanding extradition and has been persecuting [Julian] Assange for many years for publishing documentary evidence of US allegations? Is this the ambassador of a country whose banks have blocked accounts of Russian media outlets? It’s funny,” she said.
Earlier, the US Embassy in Moscow published Sullivan’s words that it is allegedly difficult for many Russians to gain access to sources of information not controlled by the state.

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