World Heart Day – 2022 observed at Khyber Teaching Hospital

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Department of Cardiology, Khyber Teaching Hospital marked World Heart Day to create awareness among general public under the theme of this year “Use heart to connect every heart”.

As KTH believes in knowledge sharing in this perspective informative session was conducted by Prof. Dr. Amber Ashraf for students, TMO’s, HO’s and medical staff of KTH in order to enhance their skills and knowledge for better patient care.

A FREE medical screening camp at cardiology ward KTH was organized by the department of Cardiology where public checked their blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, BMI and consulted with cardiology team of doctors.

A walk was also arranged to raise the awareness which was attended by Chairperson department of Medical specialties Head of Cardiology and Cath lab KTH Prof. Dr. Amber Ashraf, Associate Prof. Dr. M. Faheem, Assistant Prof Dr Sadiq Dr Farooq and Dr Awais Senior Registrar Dr. Asfandyar Ahmad Dr Habeel and TR Dr Naveed large number of faculty staff, managerial staff, TMOs’, HOs’, final year medical students nursing and paramedics staff, health professionals and general public.

Prof. Dr. Amber Ashraf highlighted that the cardiovascular disease burden is very high with 31% of global deaths occurring from cardiovascular diseases. Over 23 million deaths are predicted by 2030 AD from cardiovascular disease.

It should be noted that the heart diseases and stroke are responsible for about one third of worldwide deaths in females. One in 5 general public.

Prof. Dr. Amber Ashraf stated that cardiovascular disease is preventable in so many cases and that’s why we’re encouraging people to take action and learn more about their heart health on this World Heart Day. It’s easy for all of us to be a bit complacent as we can’t see our hearts, but small everyday steps like eating more healthy diet regular exercise and quitting smoking can easily improve our heart health status and our overall well-being.

She further highlighted risk factors for cardiovascular disease like diabetes, hypertension, increased cholesterol, stress, environmental pollution, sedentary life style, Obesity, Post Covid era, Smoking Niswar and second hand smoke, cardiovascular diseases during pregnancy CA breast n other malignancies with chemo and radiotherapy. Lack of POSITIVE THINKING, caring and sharing attitude.
Dr Fahim Dr Farooq Dr Awais Dr Habeel Dr Asfandyar along with Dr Amber conducted community question answer session on preventive measures. Main Gate of KTH will be illuminated with RED LIGHTS as indicator of Cardiovascular disease burden in our society n highlights awareness regarding preventive measures and importance.

In the end special thanks to our Chairpersons BOG Prof Nadeem Khawar and his team for their vision to improve health care services at KTH and special thanks to administration HD Dr Zafar Afridi and MD Dr Siraj for facilitation and media for sharing information with general Public.