The world’s fastest zip wire in North Wales just got faster

Monitoring Desk

It’s a good week for anyone with an interest in hurtling themselves down a wire at 125mph.

Zip World in North Wales has just unveiled its new zipline Velocity 2. The wire allows riders to glide 25mph faster than on the original Velocity, unveiled as the world’s fastest in 2013..

With a steeper decline (now 20 degrees), Velocity 2 lets visitors travel from 0 to 60mph in under 10 seconds before reaching the top speed of 125mph – equal to the legal limit for standard trains in the UK, and 5mph faster than the speed at which you fall when skydiving.

Zip World has also doubled the capacity of the zipline, meaning that four people can enjoy a “flight” at the same time.

Sean Taylor, the co-founder of Zip World, said: “Velocity 2 is the fastest zipline in the world and it’s right here in North Wales, the adventure capital of Europe

“The brand new experience features custom made technology developed by our world class team, to increase speed, accessibility and comfort for our riders and spectators alike.”

Zip World is located in the Penrhyn Quarry in North Wales, seven miles south of Bangor. Riders fly over 500 feet above the water, and will experience views to Snowdonia, Anglesey and the Isle of Man on clear days.