World’s most premature triplets celebrate second birthday

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LONDON: A trio of British siblings who recently celebrated their second birthday have been dubbed the world’s most premature triplets by Guinness World Records.

Michaela White of Bristol gave birth to triplets Rubi-Rose, Payton-Jane and Porscha-Mae Hopkins at a gestational age of 22 weeks and 5 days — 121 days before their due date.

The Hopkins sisters celebrated their second birthday on Feb. 14.

“The whole journey between finding out that they were triplets and then actually being here was I think the quickest pregnancy I’ve ever known,” father Jason Hopkins told Guinness World Records. “It was mental.”

The triplets spent months in a neonatal intensive care unit before being cleared to go home.

Payton-Jane and Porscha-Mae are identical twins, whereas Rubi-Rose has a unique genetic makeup, making the siblings dizygotic triplets.

GWR said the babies weighed a combined 2.83 at birth, earning them a second record for the lightest triplet birth ever.