Xi’s global security initiative

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The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has recently hosted the meeting of Foreign Ministers of BRICS nations in Beijing. President Xi Jinping addressed the meeting via skype and highlighted the political volatility, insecurity and acute certainty in the contemporary world. According to the Chinese President, as a positive, progressive and constructive force in the international community, BRICS Countries should strengthen their beliefs, promote peaceful development with practical actions, maintain fairness and justice, advocate democracy and freedom, and inject stability and positive energy into international relations amid the current chaotic scenario in the world.
According to Xi, history illustrates that one-sided pursuit of one’s own security at the expense of other countries’ safety will only create new contradictions and risks. While introducing his global security initiative, Xi told Foreign Ministers of the bloc that the BRICS nations should support political mutual trust and security cooperation, communicate and coordinate closely on major international and regional issues, accommodate each other’s core interests and major concerns, respect each other’s sovereignty, security, and development goals, oppose hegemonism and power politics, and also resist Cold War mentality and blocs Confrontation while building a community of human security. According to Xi, bloc members should carry out dialogues and exchanges with like minded nations to make the cake of cooperation bigger and bigger, and build the forces of progress stronger and stronger to contribute to the beautiful vision of building a shared future for mankind.
BRICS, the group of the world’s five leading emerging marketeconomies, including Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa got togetherto promote peace, security, development and growth for the collective good andprosperity of the member nations. Inspired by the Goldman Sash’s report “BuildBetter Global Economic BRICs, the leaders of the world’s four emerging economies(Brazil, Russia, India and China) started cooperation back in 2009, inselected areas of trade, agriculture, environment, finance and nationalsecurity. According to the Goldman Sash’s forecast, BRICS Countries could takeover the western economies by the year 2039. Later the group of four addedSouth Africa into the bloc and formulated a strategy to achieve collective objectives throughcoordinated efforts and cooperation, however the circumstances and events couldnot move according to the prediction of the Goldman Sash’s Jim O’Neill and except China rest of the nations couldnot maintained their pace of development due to one or another reason.
During the recent meet up of BRICS Foreign Ministers, President Xi projected his vision about the current geopolitical situation and supported Russia’s concerns regarding the security situation in Eastern Europe. Xi also urged the bloc to strengthen their partnership dialogue, cooperation and collaboration. During his speech to the forum, Xi advocated for the promotion of democracy and freedom, fairness and justice and other civic values including anti-hegemonism for the global wellbeing and prosperity. Interestingly, the American President is also actively lobbying for these civic values and leading a group of elite nations to contest China. Hence, people around the globe are astonished that if both rivals have a common agenda then why do they not make coordinated efforts to achieve the goal. In fact, both great powers carry political agenda and hegemonic designs but using universal values for the achievement of their goal, yet the people of the world believe in their verbal assertions instead of hidden motives.

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