Yemeni conflict and Middle East region

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According to Saudi media, the Riyadh-led coalition intercepted and destroyed three bomb-laden unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) sent by Houthi rebels into southern Saudi Arabia. The Saudi coalition informed the media that Houthi rebels are trying again and again to harm civilians, but the alliance has taken prompt measures to protect the population and blocked three attempts of the enemy to harm civilians. According to reports, the drone attacks are being launched by the rebels from the Sana’a international airport, Yemeni Capital.

The Yemeni crisis erupted during March 2015, when the ousted Yemeni President Abd-Rabbuh Mansur Hadi requested military support from Saudi Arabia against Houthi Militia. Saudi Arabia led coalition of Arab countries launched a military offensive against Houthi militia through air, Sea and ground forces to liberate Yemen from Houthis rebels. The United States had been providing logistic support, intelligence sharing, as well as air defense shield to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Houthis missile attacks. According to reports, about 240, 000 people had lost their lives in the war, 2.5 million Yemeni displaced internally, while another one million got refugee in neighbouring countries including Saudi Arabia and Oman. Presently, about 16 million Yemeni people are facing serious threat of malnutrition and hunger; UNO needs $ 3.9 billion to meet the food requirements of Yemeni people.

Recently, the hostilities between the warring parties had intensified because Houthis stepped up their offensive against the Kingdom, seized UAE cargo vessel “Rwabee” allegedly carrying Saudi military equipment, off the Red sea port of Hodeidah. The Saudi government denied the charges and said that the Emirati vessel was carrying medical equipment from a dismantled Saudi field hospital, instead of military equipment. Saudi Arabia and UAE have condemned Houthis aggressive actions against their citizens and vowed to reciprocate the Houthis in the same coin. Although talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Houthis’ chief supporters, are continuing over the recent months while the conflict in Yemen constantly blazes, which might be an effort to gain better position in the dialogue or a conspiracy of global powers to keep the region boiling.

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