Yesterday’s enemy today’s cousins

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Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has paid an official visit to the UAE and met with defective ruler and Emirati Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan in Abu Dhabi. After the meeting with the Emirati Crown Prince, Neftali’s office issued a statement that the meeting with the UAE’s de facto ruler was focused on the shared threat posed by Iran, as well as advancing economic cooperation between the two countries.

UAE media did not report the discussion on Iran during Neftali-Bin Zayed meeting on Monday and said that UAE’s Crown Prince highlighted the UAE’s foreign policy based on firm principles of mutual respect, cooperation and values of peaceful coexistence and expressed hope that stability will prevail in the Middle East. During an interview with Emirati news agency W-AM, Neftali Bennett said that last year’s Abraham Accords had set new course of Israel’s ties with the UAE and other Arab states and also helped established a new, deep and solid structure for diplomatic, economic and cultural relations in the Middle East. According to Neftali, the relations between the two countries have strengthened in all fields, and bilateral cooperation provides unprecedented economic opportunities not only for these two nations but for more countries.

During the interview, Neftali conveyed his message to the UAE leaders and Emirati citizens that mutual partnership and friendship between them are natural; they (Israelis and Emiratis) are neighbors and cousins. They all are the grandchildren of Prophet Abraham, and developing bilateral relations is a precious treasure for both nations and the entire region. Neftali Bennett has tactfully carved out his relationship of being grandchildren of Prophet Abraham with rich Arab nations to accomplish his hidden interests. However, Bennett did not tell his relationship with Palestinians Muslim, who are being murdered cold blooded by his soldiers every day. In fact, Bennett’s sole purpose is to grab Arab’s oil, a huge market and fueling differences among his newly invented cousins to achieve the goal of greater Israel.

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