“You are surrounded, your situation is hopeless, surrender, life is guaranteed”

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Maxim Sokolov

In the second half of the 1970s – my God, how long ago it was – I took a course at the military department of the humanities faculties of Moscow State University, as a result of which I was issued a military ID of a reserve lieutenant. “Composition – political, VUS (military registration specialty) 6201” Special propaganda among the troops and population of the enemy.
I was a so-so cadet, military discipline did not enter into me at all. In addition, in the spirit of the times and taste, I, like most of my colleagues, was a moderate Fronder, and also had a high opinion of my humanitarian dignity. It is clear that the militaries from the military department were in no way perceived by me and my colleagues as a source of useful knowledge and, in general, as useful members of society.
When I now see the violent pacifism of certain sections of the public, I understand where the legs are growing from: I just remember myself then.
But regardless of all this lyrics, watching what is happening now in the media forces us to make a judgment: “VUS-6201 is unambiguous.” And not even so much among the enemy troops, that is, our army. There is simply (I, at least) not enough data on how active and effective the actions to disintegrate the troops are. Some kind of “rus, give up” undoubtedly takes place, but to what extent, it is not very clear. The political departments of our army probably know better about this.
Although the VUS-6201, directed against people in overcoats, is in a sense simpler and more primitive. To the maximum extent, calls for an end to senseless resistance work here. “You are surrounded, your situation is hopeless, surrender, life is guaranteed.” On the Ukrainian sector of the front, German leaflets depicted a matron with a supernatural bust size, and the caption read: “You will be at home, you will be in the hut and with your wife on the bed.”
But in order for the charms of the matron to outweigh loyalty to the oath and fear of the tribunal, for the fighter to wish to take advantage of the pass into captivity, it is still necessary that the position of the military unit was really bad. Under this condition, thoughts of hopeless resistance are more intelligible. In 1941, our leaflets produced zero effect on the Germans, and in 1944-1945 they had a non-zero effect.
The current campaign for our army is not a parade march, but that hopelessness that inclines to surrender is not observed, which is why special propaganda among our troops does not give the impression of be-ing successful. “Surrender! You have already experienced the crushing power of Ukrainian offensives more than once!” – it’s completely unsuitable.
Another thing is special propaganda among the population of the enemy, that is, you and me. Here the enemy propagandists have at least more leads. One concern about the son-soldier is worth something. And heavy (in fact, heavy) sanctions. Physical isolation from the world. The future is in complete darkness. In order not to play on this, one must be no propagandist at all. And on the other hand, there are high-quality specialists in catching human souls – and hardly only Ukrainian ones.
But the specificity of the current special propaganda campaign lies in the complete liberation from the chimera called conscience. Of course, VUS-6201 in general is not always a moral matter. A la ger com a la ger, and military cunning also takes place. How-ever, now there is nothing here but cunning, and its main object is not Russian troops, but the civilian population of Russia .
However, most of today’s propaganda belongs to the black category. It’s not a curse, it’s a term. Unlike white (from its own name) and gray (not entirely from its own, but from a structure-laying, for example, Radio Liberty – an independent radio station funded by the US Congress “), black propaganda is imposture. It is done with a fake signature. Either on behalf of structures that have nothing to do with it, not at all: “Russia 24”, RBC, etc., or on behalf of false structures that do not exist at all. more like “grab the station, the suitcase is leaving”: “Run to withdraw money from an ATM, run to close the account, run to buy salt, soap, matches …” and so on.
Previously, such increa-sed imposture was more li-kely to be classified as pure criminality. Calls from the “Sberbank security service”, accompanied by voices with a southern Russian accent, seeking information that would allow them to g-ut a bank account. Now the same voices and according to the same methodology stand for the cause of peace, propagandize pacifism and sow panic. They were criminal, they became unbearably civil.
And Western social networks provide technical means to criminal-civilian personalities: a wave of self-proclaimed advertising there exceeds all likelihood, frank connivance in its purest form.
Of course, one can say that the special propaganda that was taught at the military department of Moscow State University in the 70s today looks like an innocent children’s game of rats, since the technical means were incomparable with the current ones. The old co-lonel who taught us was sti-ll shouting from the trench to the Germans through a tin mouthpiece. Whereas n-ow the miracles of telecommunications against the mouthpiece – no comparison. And it has long been known that various inventions – the airplane, the ra-dio, the safe secrets of the atom – are immediately ta-ken up by the military. It w-ould be strange to expect that the Internet and modern telephony would not su-ffer the same fate. Especia-lly for the sake of the sacred struggle for peace.
But in addition to new technical means, there are also new ideas about the laws and customs of war. And special propaganda too. It turns out that now everything is possible, the mossy martinet of the 70s did not even think of it. VUS-6201 made not just successes, but revolutionary successes.
And when peace terms are worked out, civil criminals, along with Zuckerberg, should also get their due.

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