Youth Affairs Dept sign agreement with varsities

KABUL (TOLOnews): An agreement signed between the youth affairs department of the Ministry of Information and Culture and 40 private universities in Kabul.
The Deputy of Youth in the Ministry of Information and Culture said that according to the agreement, a place to stay will be provided for one thousand low income young people.
Deputy Mohammad Yunus Rashid said that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is committed to the development of youth and always supports employment and training programs for youth.
“Afghanistan youth need education because Afghanistan’s future is related to them; if our youth are educated, Afghanistan will have a bright future,” said Mohammad Yunus Rashid.
Meanwhile, private university officials said that they will provide education for youth and added that recent restrictions on female students have created challenges.
“The recent restriction on education by Islamic Emirate has caused some universities to delay their activities,” said Ziaullah Shafiq, an official at Mili University.
“We call on Islamic Emirate to provide more facilities so universities can continue their activities,” said Sher Ali Zarifi, head of the Dawat University.
Meanwhile, some Kabul residents welcomed this work of the youth affairs department.
“We asked the Islamic Emirate to provide more facilities, so people don’t flee to other countries,” said Jawed, a Kabul resident.
“In order to raise the level of our education, they should make the academic departments strong,” said Sayedullah, a Kabul resident.
The youth affairs department in the ceremony said they will try to create work opportunities for educated youth.