Youth stages rallies

Youths stage rallies to promote Afghanis

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KABUL: Dozens of Nangarhar youths staged rallies to promote the Afghan currency (Afghanis) against the growing use of foreign currencies, including Pakistani Rupees, in daily transactions.

The local officials are saying that the youths had gathered in Spinghar Hotel and staged peaceful rallies to prevent the growing use of Pakistani Rupees and other foreign currencies. The participants of the rallies carried banners as they marched in different parts of Jalalabad city and called on the residents of Nangarhar to use Afghanis in daily transactions.

The director of the youths in the provincial information and culture directorate Matiullah Ahmadzai said the youths of Nangarhar staged rallies after the recent decision of the provincial government to prevent the use of Pakistani Rupees.

Ahmadzai further added that the youths have started the campaign in Jalalabad and other districts of Nangarhar to promote the Afghan currency.

A new campaign kicked off on government level in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan with an aim to prevent transactions in Pakistani Rupees.

The provincial government media office in a statement said earlier this week that Governor Hayatullah Hayat has instructed the authorities not to allow anyone to visit the government compound while carrying Pakistani Rupees.

The statement further added that the latest instruction was issued as part of the ongoing effort to prevent transactions in Pakistani Rupees and to promote the use of Afghanis in daily transactions.

Governor Hayat also instructed the authorities in the districts and other government compounds in the provincial capital to launch a similar campaign.

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