Zaidi has no official documents: Murtaza

KARACHI (NNI): Spokesperson of Sindh government Murtaza Wahab has criticized Ali zaidi and said that he has lied as he has no official documents.

Spokesperson of Sindh government Murtaza Wahab has termed the press conference of government ministers a waste of time. He said that we have fulfilled our promise by issuing Joint Investigation Team (JIT) reports.

Responding to the press conference of Federal Ministers Ali Zaidi and Shibli Faraz, he asked that who those people are giving these documents to the Federal Minister of Maritime Affairs. No such documents were given to the Sindh government.

He objected that JIT leg-ally forms by the government and the question is, if no one signed the docume-nts, who gave them to Za-idi? This is proof that Zaidi is doing the same thing as it has been done in the past to make documents.

Sindh government spokesman said that in the case of Uzair Baloch, a seven-member JIT was constituted which submitted its report to the Home Department.

In his press conference, Wahab criticized the federal government and said that the Sindh government has fulfilled its promise in the matter of JITs.

“If I write on paper that Zaidi is not mentally fit, it will be meaningless,” he said. Confirmation of mental health can only be done after a doctor s signature.

He said that there were seven members in a JIT who would sign on a final report. It was the authority of the government to constitute a JIT and its report will be signed by its head first.

The head of a JIT would submit the report to the Ministry of Interior, he added. Wahab said that a seven-member JIT had been consituted in Uzair Baloch case and the provincial government publicised ‘verified’ JIT reports signed by seven members. He said that Zaidi has admitted that he did not possess an official document.

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