Zareen Khan says Salman Khan has limited role in her success

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MUMBAI: Zareen Khan admits she owes a big part of her Bollywood debut to the superstar but denies using him for jumping up the career ladder.

Speaking to Hindustan Times in a recent interview, Zareen, who has completed 12 years in the Indian film industry, says that her Veer co-star has limited role in her success.

“I’m thankful to Salman because I would’ve never entered the industry if it was not for him. He gave me an entrance to the industry. But my struggle started after I became a part of the industry because then I knew nothing. Salman is an amazing person but he is also a busy man. I cannot be a monkey on his back and bother him for little things. A lot of people to date think that all the work I do is through him and that’s not true. Salman is a friend and just a phone call away but I’m not pestering him. And that undermines the struggle, the hard work that I’ve done.”

Speaking more about her journey in the industry, Zareen added: “Actors are insecure,” she admits, “They are indispensable and replaceable. And nobody really cares. I’ve always been very content in my own space. So, I have never been in any race. But I do think I’m quite replaceable, right now. Unless you are an A-lister, people won’t wait for you.”