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Zhob in grip of cold wave, mountains wear white blanket

Rafiullah Mandokhail

ZHOB: The mountains peak in Zhob valley received the first snowfall of the winter accompanied by light rain, intensifying the cold wave and bringing the mercury down here. High-altitude areas including Koh-e-Sulaiman, Shin ghar, Sangay ghar, Gustoi and Babar received snowfall, while the plain areas of the district received light rain that began late in the night.

Severe cold also gripped neighboring Sherani district after receiving rain and snowfall, which restricted the residents of hilly areas to stay indoors. The snowfall of the winter in both districts attracted a large number of youngsters and children who thronged to mountain peaks enjoying the weather. They were seen wearing warm clothes to save themselves from the cold waves.

The prolonged dry spell had not only caused water shortage in many rural and urban parts of the district but also had a negative impact on the crops yield. Zhob is a producer of wheat and garlic besides seasonal fruit and vegetables. Over fifty percent of agriculture land depends on rainwater. In many villages wheat cultivated area is rain-fed (Wuchoba). After rain and snowfall, the prolonged dry spell that caused infectious diseases at last ended.

Following the rain biting cold forced some people to avoid unnecessary movement and the government offices also wore a deserted look due chilly weather. The people here usually enjoy the winter special cuisine ‘Landi’- traditional dried meat to protect themselves from the biting cold. Moreover the demand of winter delights like Gajar Halwa (prepared with carrots and milk), Jalebee, boiled eggs, pakoras and soup also significantly increased.

On the other hand, the people of the area faced a great deal of inconvenience owing to power tripping and low-voltage that has created numerous problems and multiplied the miseries of people manifold.

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