Zubair Khan files police complaint against Salman Khan

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MUMBAI: The Indian controversial reality show, evicted participant Zubair Khan filed police complaint against the host of the Show and Sultan of Bollywood Salman Khan.

Zubair Khan claimed that host of the show Salman Khan threatened him that no one will give you work and also made statement that “I will make you my dog and will see you after the show”.

Earlier in the Saturday episode Weekend Ka Vaar of big boss 11, Salman loses his cool which was aired on October 9. Salman came hard on Zubair for using inappropriate language for women in the show and asked the participants to not feel threatened from anyone.

Zubair Khan, who claims to have a connection with Dawood Ibrahim’s family, left the show on Sunday morning due to health issues and later Salman Khan informed the participants that he is evicted from the show as he gets lower number of votes comparing to other nominated participants.