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Vietnam floods: Death toll rises to 54

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HANOI: The disaster prevention agency of Vietnam on Friday told that as many as 54 people killed and 39 others were missing as the heavy rain and flood hit the northern and central Vietnam this week.

It added that the recent flood which hit the northern and central Vietnam are worst ever disaster which destroyed everything including houses, roads, crops and also it killed 54 people and still 39 people are missing.

Disaster prevention agency of Vietnam added that around 317 homes have collapsed in floods and landslides this week and adding that more than 34,000 other houses have been damaged.

More than 22,000 hectares (54,300 acres) of rice have also been damaged and around 180,000 animals killed or washed away.

Floods and rain also affected the neighboring Thailand and destroyed thousands of acres standing crops in the area.

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