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Rehmat Shah Afridi launched English daily The Frontier Post in 1984 in Peshawar, capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). Its mountains and valleys are amongst the most scenic in the world. Its people are the proud inheritors of the great traditions of the great sufis, saints and poets who inculcated the spirit of tolerance and brotherhood over the centuries, and made it a part of their inherent psyche. Given the visionary leadership, Pakistan can be one of the developed countries of the world. Yet the media has an important role to play in achievement of laudable objectives. Rehmat Shah Afridi and his team of colleagues considered journalism as a mission against the oppressors and the corrupt. He launched the first English daily The Frontier Post from Peshawar, a city which was one of the most backward areas in Pakistan. People in general and Pakhtuns in particular considered the launch of The Frontier Post from Peshawar as a great honor.

Since the ruling elite and government functionaries consider English newspapers worthy of reading, the people of KPK were very happy because they believed that their problems would now be heard in the corridors of power, and would also be addressed. The Pakhtuns have considered The Frontier Post as part of their own culture and tradition; and the educated youth translated it for those who were not lucky to get education. In fact, The Frontier Post gained great popularity right after its launch because that was the period when the then USSR had invaded Afghanistan. The Frontier Post, due to its candid approach, has gone through many highs and lows; but always came out of hard times honourably. And indeed the credit goes to him and his team members that have been discharging their duties with dedication, zeal and fervor.

New leadership in The Frontier Post came in 1998, when both elder sons of Rehmat Shah Afridi, MahmoodAfridi and JalilAfridi returned from their studies from abroad. MahmoodAfridi did his education from Great Britain and JalilAfridi from America.

MahmoodAfridi for many years looked after the newspaper as its Editor whereas JalilAfridi continues to be the Managing Editor of The Frontier Post. The Frontier Post promoted young and honest journalists throughout the country and that is why when one visits any office of The Frontier Post they see young and energetic journalists. The Frontier Post has always given great importance to its website http://spetica.com/dfrontier/ which has now gained large viewership thought out the world and many national and multinational companies are advertising on this website.

The Afghanistan page of The Frontier Post was added in year 2000, and since then its readership is the largest in Afghanistan, if compared with any newspaper from any print media organization. Everyday TFP vehicles are used to deliver more than 12,000 copies of The Frontier Post to the different cities of Afghanistan including, Jalalabad, Kabul and Kandahar. Since its launch in 1984 till mid-1990s The Frontier Post has had the largest readerships in Lahore, Rawanlpindi and Islamabad, and it was only due to its candid approach which put it on high pedestal not only nationally but also internationally. The people of Pakistan trust credibility of The Frontier Post because throughout 30 years of its existence they have seen that it always believed in objective reporting, and also kept the aspirations of the people of Pakistan in mind.

They are the witness that personal interests have never been part of TFP’s policy; and for this reason the launch of The Frontier Post from Quetta since 2002 has proved a great success. And now The Frontier Post is not only the largest English daily of the KPK province but also in the Balochistan Province. The Frontier Post was re-started from Lahore on September 25, 2007 and since then its readership has increased manifold. In 2009, The Frontier Post started its Karachi edition and is gradually capturing the market there as well.

Managing Editor of The Frontier Post, JalilAfridi in year 2015 has also started The Frontier Post from America as a weekly Pakistani English newspaper in order to attract the Pakistani readership abroad. All major national and multinational companies are advertising in the print and web edition of The Frontier Post on regular basis. The Frontier Post has always believed on principles of honest reporting, raising issues of the common man and writing in the most unbiased manner. These principles continue to be the main the reasons of success for The Frontier Post.