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Police high handedness and aggrieved people

Through the lines of your esteemed news paper, i would like to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the sorry state of affairs of the people at the hands of police. Despite the tall claims made (still making) by previous government of reforming police department, no improvement whatsoever is seen in our area particularly.

It has been observed with great concern that the local police have been sold in the hands of Khans of Tangi (Charsadda) who are claiming the farms of the poor people of tehsil Prang Ghar (a tehsil of tribal district Mohmand). After passing FATA merger bill, police are frequently raiding the area like wild animals and treating the people barbarously.

Many people have been jailed and many are out on bail while facing the costly judicial proceedings which they can’t afford.

The Khan are calaiming for paying Malia (water tax) on these farms but this is an unirrigated area and is out of the coverage of the canal flowing in the lower area of district Charsadda. My grandfather, almost in his one twenties, says that he has inherited thoes farms from his ancestors so how could ‘Firingies’ register thoes on the names of their agents while leaving Hindustan in 1947.

There are some police personnel in Tangi police station as well who are using police force for sustaining their personal tribal animosities. Many raids have been conducted on their behalf as well. Police are using Pak-Army on the name of terrorism while the matter is otherwise.

The police are harassing the locals by harsh searchings and misbehaving.While pointing their guns on the people, they asking them about their CNICs, their jobs and their incomes etc etc. There is no known chekpost and they have free hand in standing everywhere for annoying the virtuous people while doing salute to the criminals and smugglers from whom they are taking their monthly. On behalf of the people of the area, i request the concerned authorities for fair investigation of the matter because they have made an iron triangle (the police, the Khans and the nobels of the area) and if found guilty they all must be punish accordingly.The police must be prevented from doing such activities in the future.

Faheed Gul

Prang Ghar

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Stop child labour

“One who does not show mercy to our children is not from my community” [Holy Prophet (SAW)]

Kindness towards children was one of the Prophet’s special characteristics. Children are flowers of heaven and they are the beautiful creation of God.

Child labour is a terrible and big crime. In Pakistan it is an ever growing problem. According to the National child labour survey, 8-10 million children below 14 years are working as a labour in Pakistan (including both boys and girls) and Pakistan ranks number three in the world in child and forced labour. There are number of laws regarding the prohibition of Child labour but main issue is neither laws, nor government. Actually it’s our own society playing key role in the increasing rate of this crime. As we can see that most of the high class families are giving jobs to poor children at homes, including: childcare, housekeeping,washing clothes and dishes, they actually don’t know that what a terrible crime is this?

Every day we see children working in factories,hotels, agriculture and begging on roads instead of going to schools. I think it would be better to call it ‘Chlid Abuse’ in place of Child labour because most of the time they are forced into labour, it does not only ruins their innocent childhood but it also affect their physical and mental health, they are at greater risk of malnutrition, depression and drugs dependency and the can see dark futures ahead.

We all consider it the cause of poverty, illiteracy, non-performance of laws and so many other reasons but I think main issue is the unconsciousness of the parents. Now what we can do is that we should organize seminars and different sorts of programs about the bad consequences of child labour, to aware the poor parents who are encouraging the child labour and going against the laws and Islam and also help them out to think about their children’s education and bright futures.

Salwa Khan


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The devaluation of economy

What is behind the devaluation of Pakistani currency? What are its effects on our economy?

The Pakistani currency has experienced a worst fall against the US dollar ever in the history of Rs 143 per Dollar. The rupee has lost about 35 percent since the first devaluation in Dec 2017.

PM Imran Khan on the devaluation of currency said: “The State Bank of Pakistan did not inform the govt before the devaluing the rupee. The govt is now working on the mechanism to ensure this does not happened in the future.’’

The of SBP explained the reason for devaluation of currency: “The exchange rate generally move in demand and supply in market and the key reason behind the recent devaluation was the last fiscal year’s $19billion current account deficit.”

The exchange companies of Pakistan has blamed Pakistani media and loose border control for the declining value of Pakistani currency in open currency market. They have demanded positive role of media and strong border control in order to stop the currency from further devaluation or depreciation. The negative impacts of declining value of currency are evident on all the sectors of economy.

Devaluation of currency is the major cause of inflation in Pakistan. Inflation is so high that it can be stated as hyper inflation. This inflation is responsible for the increase in prices of Pakistan real estate. On the other hand the employment level is also at lowest end which is worsening the buying power of the people.

The devaluation of currency increases the external debit and liabilities of the economy. For every further 1% devaluation the national debit will climb up by approximately Rs. 125 billion. It discourages the investment and negatively effects the export industry of the country by making the exports cheaper for foreigners. It makes the imported goods expensive for domestic consumers which discourages the imports. It has also negative effects on social welfare which depends upon real GDP and rste of unemployment.

The govt and SBP should regulate their policies to bring stability in Pakistani currency and stop it from devaluation. They should devise stringent plan and effective monitory policy to curb inflation and devaluation of currency from Pakistan.

Anam Naz

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Rumors about abolishing of tax – free status of Malakand

It has been reportedly learnt that the Chief minister of KP Mahmood Khan has issued directives to all the ministries/ departments and quarters concerned to fulfill all the legal formalities before tabling any bill or law in the house for legislation. They have been further directed to share and discuss the theme of the bill with the concerned departments- so that all the stake holders and relevant quarters may be taken on board regarding that particular bill or law.

The CM has also in a meeting cleared that Malakand Division-is a tax free zone and this particular status and exemption from taxes had been granted to it by the federal government . So this particular and exclusive status of the region i.e. exemption from taxes will remain intact and no one will be allowed to snatch this particular right of its people. He has also hinted that the existing laws of the region will also remain the same and the prevailing situation of federal administrative tribal areas (FATA) will have no effect upon the exclusive status of Malakand division -even its special tax free zone status will further be regularized and consolidated. It merits mentioning here that the people of Malakand division, now a days are very much concerned about the retention of special status of the region especially after the merger of the feudally administrative tribal areas into KP.

They have expressed their reservations and apprehensions that alongside the implementation of new taxes and laws in the region – the status of Darul-Qaza, is also being abolished altogether. It is a fact that the people of Malakand Division have welcomed the merger of new districts as a significant move and development in KP history-but they have also vehemently demanded of the government to retain the historical and exclusive status of the division as the area had been exempted from all kind of taxes since the days of the ex state of Swat. The opposition in the KP assembly had also made protest over the tabling of new bill in the house regarding Malakand division. But they were not aware about the new development in this respect.

However it is the responsibility of the KP government to dismiss all the rumors and misconceptions regarding the abolishing of tax – free status of Malakand and need to get all the stake holders into confidence before making any legislation in the house so that any loopholes and ambiguity whatsoever in this respect may be removed.

It is no doubt that the CM of KP is fully cognizant of the problems and issues of the people of Malakand division and need to raise and discuss this issue with federal government to wipe out the apprehensions and reservations being expressed by the people – regarding the implementation of new taxes. It is hoped that the incumbent government of KP will take practical and solid measures in this regard and the exclusive status of the division will be retained.

Only after the area people take a sigh of relief and satisfaction.

Shaukat Hayat Buneri


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Working women issues

In the past few years, the role of a woman has changed drastically in Pakistan. Women are now stepping out of their houses to earn and break free from all stereotypes that confine women to live inside home. Women can now be seen working as fire fighters, pilots,air traffic Controllers, bankers, company executives, labourers, farmers and what not. In short, women are now found working in every sector. They’re supporting their families and earning for themselves with successful careers. Yet, there are many barriers they face to prove themselves as equal individuals when out and about in the field.

The most shameful challenge a woman faces when she leaves home in our society is sexual harassment. Until and unless the working environment is safe and healthy, a Pakistani woman cannot consider working anywhere. A lot of men are under the notion that a working woman is probably compromising in nature and they prey upon this factor for this cruel deed. Many awful men consider such women an easy target.

Secondly it’s not a Pakistani office if it isn’t full of men with ego issues. These are the types of men who think a woman’s place is in the kitchen and just can’t seem to grasp why you’re working. And God forbid if you’re placed above them in the hierarchy. They’ll never take you seriously, will probably interrupt you during meetings and rest assured, they’ll talk about you in not-so-praising terms with their male colleagues behind your back. All because you’re a woman.

The concept of working woman, leading a blissful domestic life, has not yet been accepted by our society yet. It is time to give serious attention to the suppressed, harassed working woman who also bears the burden of domesticity. It lies with her husband and immediate family to help lighter burden and assist her in leading a normal happy life. Hats off to the strength of working ladies!

Junaid Anwar


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TF and Pakistan’s economic quagmire

Financial Action Task Force is a global body which aims at combating money laundering and terrorists financing. FATF grey list comprises of the countries which lacks in implementing strategic policies against terrorist financing. Pakistan was also grey listed from 2012 to 2015. But later due to efforts and policies, Pakistan was removed from the grey list.

Unfortunately, this time Pakistan had been nominated by US and three key powers of Europe i-e Germany, France and UK to be grey listed for strategic deficiencies in countering financing terrorism. But in actual this is not the fact, actually in second session of the meeting held in Paris US adopted anti-Pakistan agenda due to which Pakistan was only left by the support of Turkey. China and Saudi Arabia were persuaded by US which left Pakistan alone and was grey listed.

Being grey listed is not good for economy of Pakistan. It would lead to serious negative impacts on Pakistan economy. Firstly, placing Pakistan on FATF’S grey list would effect its banking links with the nation. Banks will face greater strain in their transaction escalating the cost of operations to great disadvantage of customers.

Secondly, FDI would be greatly affected. Foreign direct investment would decrease and foreign companies would hesitate to invest in Pakistan. Thus, it will be indirectly decreasing our exports, employment opportunities would be adversely affected and thus standard of living would be worse than ever. Thirdly, since IMF and World Bank is headed by US government so it would be difficult for Pakistan to get loans from these institutions. And most importantly it would reflect negative image of Pakistan across the world.

Pakistan being economically crippled need to take certain actions and implement policies in order to exit from grey list. Otherwise, if Pakistan fails to implement these policies then it would be black listed which would be even more harsh for our economy.

Rimsha Amjad


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Traffic jams in Buner

It has been widely observed and noticed by us, that the performance and efficiency of Buner traffic police has considerably been improved. The traffic wardens deployed at various check points are busy round the clock to ensure the smooth flowing of traffic in the district. The number of traffic wardens has been increased while there duty points have also been multiplied. In past the traffic wardens- would be seen at Daggar and Sawarry- the two main towns of Buner only. But now their Checking spots have also been established right from Totalai to Pir Baba and Jawar. Even one could witness the traffic wardens deployed at every busy place and locality of Buner.

Moreover efficiency of the Traffic wardens have also been reportedly improved after being   equipped with modern tools and techniques.

Alongside proper training and refresher courses are also being held from time to time to teach them modern knowledge and traffic rules. In short words the Buner  traffic police without  any exaggeration- looks like a very smart and complete  disciplinary force and their behavior and way of treatment toward common people  is very commendable now a days . That is why the Buner traffic Jawans can be rightly called a people friendly contingent of the police force.

However in my mind a few suggestions are highlighted for their further improvement and efficiency. First of all unlike other districts and towns of KP there are no traffic signals installed in the entire district of Buner. Especially establishment of traffic signals at Sawari and Daggar -the two main places of Buner are very necessary for the smooth functioning and flowing of traffic.

Due to the non availability of traffic signals not only are the common people facing a lot of troubles but the traffic also remains jammed and blocked for a long time. The fact of the matter is that most of the vehicles are passing through these two places. So keeping in view the significance of the public demand- the tehsil municipal administration of tehsil Daggar and tehsil Gagra must take stringent measures to make arrangements for erecting/establishment of traffic signals here at least.

Secondly the imminent threat of growing encroachments on main bazaar especially in Sawari-Daggar- Pir Baba-Jawar- Dewana Baba etc also cause a lot of problems and prevent the smooth flowing of traffic in Buner. Particularly the encroachments made by the shopkeepers and vendors in the main cities and towns are very much disturbing and creating a lot of nuisance for the people.

Thirdly the district administration of Buner is also required to devise a wise strategy for the holding of protest and gathering at alternative places, because often the roads get closed during the time of protest or public demonstrations by the political parties or their wings. Especially the main Chowk of Sawarry the busiest  and crowded bazaar of district Buner -remain closed for  several hours  for all kind of traffic on the eve of any protest or public gathering.

Due to this very reason the common people visiting the main head quarter of Buner have to pass through a severe mental and physical stress and strain. Therefore it is not only our request but also of the public demand to shift the venue of protest to some other convenient place in future. I hope the district administration of Buner with the consensus of the district police department will implement these idea into practice in the larger public interest if possible please.

Shaukat Hayat Buneri


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A poet of love

Khatir Afridi was born in Landikotal, Tribal district area of Khyber in 1929. His real name was Misree Khan. He didn’t join any formal education. His father passed away when he was in tender age. He was brought up by his grandfather and uncle. He joined service at Khyber rifle’s camp and then started private business. He took interest in poetry, therefore, paid much attention to poetry and his poetry was played the Rabab. He had deep affection for love and beauty. He was greatly admired by his fellows and still people like his poetry very much.

The poetry of Khatir Afridi is very much praised by the people who have more inclination towards love.  His poetry really affects the hearts who dedicate themselves for others. They think that this world is for others. They take that love is the only force on the base of which the world stands. Khatir’s poetry appeals to the mind, to a greater extent, to those who feel that only love has such potentials which can bring happiness to this world. He says in his one couplet:

“Da ba v sanga che mayan pa mina na pohegi

Kho daa matal de che da zra pa mina zra pohegi”

(How it would be that a lover dosent know Love

But this is a saying that only a  heart know about the heart’s love).

This means that Khatir has such a deep feeling about love that he doesn’t even think of that no one knows about love especially a lover. He is of the view that lover knows how to love. He knows that love is such a precious thing that it is a mercy of nature upon humanity. He does not accept this thought that a lover doesn’t know about love.

To him, this is a frivolous thought that love is nothing and lover doesn’t take care of this. He further adds that this factor can only be assessed by the heart which knows the spirit of love.

This heart knows the very nature of love. Heart which is deeply engrossed by the feelings of other knows how much care should be required while keeping the sanctity of love. He says that lover and beloved know the mutual feelings.

He is the poet of love. He gave much emphasized on love and never concentrated on things which lacked the ethos of love. His poetry is full of love. To him, love was the most cherishing thing. He thought of love every time. He has left the legacy of love. Generations will remember him as symbol of these noble thoughts.

The poetry of Khatir has many impacts on the minds of Pushtoons. He is a poet of the young generation and he is the poet of lovers. He is the poet of the beloved. He always emphasizes on beauty. He appreciates beauty. He likes beauty. From his poetry, we all learn a lot. In the said context, not only Pushtoons but other nations may also take much inference from his poetry while studying the importance of love. His Poetry has been translated in many languages. He left this world at the age of thirty Nine. Some say at the age of thirty two. Anyhow, he died at a time when he was enjoying the world from the core of his heart.  

Asmat Ullah


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Dowry a curse Dowry a dreadful and unethical practice

Nowadays dowry has become a part of wedding ceremonies. If we say that this is common thing among the illiterate or uneducated people, we will be wrong because educated people are also involved in this evil.

Dowry is a social evil which affected our society very badly. It is the cause of our social and economic deterioration. The custom of dowry is the route of many evils.

There is no religious concern with this practice, but majority of the people happily adopt it. The elite class to some extent is responsible for this tradition because, they give luxuries to their daughter that a poor man cannot afford. On the other hand, lower class of society has not enough to give dowry to their daughters. So, many of them take huge debts because of dowry. They spend the rest of their lives to pay their debts. Others do not hesitate to earn money by unfair means to meet the demand of dowry.

Many people considered dowry as a religious obligation due to lack of knowledge. There is no concept of demanding anything in Islam without payment. Although in reality it is a gift of money or property made by the husband to the wife which becomes her absolute property, in our society the dowry system is not only mandated for girls but also for boys. Today we fix dowry rates for boys of different categories doctors, engineers, lecturers, business men, etc. Merit of the girl is of no value. Parents find it difficult to select a boy, well-settled in life.

On the other hand, the boy accepts that girl who belongs to a well-off family, highly educated in service and earns. He also wants a girl whose parents can give hefty dowry at the time of marriage. Pakistan has a mass of social problems to tackle today yet the biggest that the country is facing is dowry. This is one of the reasons the birth of a daughter in Pakistan is regarded as a burden..

Khushbakht Izzat


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Water crisis in Pakistan

As we know that “many have lived without love but no one without water”. Water is one of the precious natural resources in the world. It has a great significance for both living and non living things.

Unfortunately it is becoming a hot potato among countries due to its scarcity. Particularly in Pakistan, the situation is quite alarming.  Although Almighty Allah has blessed it teeming with abundant resources but when it come towards water, due to many reasons Pakistan facing water crisis according to World Bank report. In Pakistan 5000 cubic meters per capita water was available in 1950 but now it has been fallen to merely 1940 cubic meters per capita .as we also know that without water life surviving is not possible because water is the most important for surviving life. As we know that in 2018 1 billion or more than 1 billion people wake up every morning with zero access to clean water sources. And in this way in the whole would millions of people do not drink,cook,or bathe with clean water. Because of lack of clean and save water 3.4 million people die each year from scarce and contaminated water sources. while on the other hand many women and children spend a lot of time each day collecting water from different polluted sources. So for this problem we should build up more and more dams as soon as possible for clean and save water and in this way.

Nadia Khan