1 Protestor killed as Ghazni protest turns violent

KABUL (TOLO News): A protestor has been killed and nine others were wounded Ghazni province on Monday after police opened fire on the protestors who were gathered over allegedly rape of a woman by two policemen, residents said on Tuesday.

The incident happened in Jaghori district of the province after the residents gathered and protest over the incident, according to residents.

But Ghazni police said that the protest has been turned to violence as the protestors clashed with police in which five people were wounded.

Ghanzni police also said that the police chief of Jaghori and Crime investigation officer have been dismissed over the incident, adding that “two police are under investigation.”

Khan Ali Radmand, district governor of Jaghori said that “according to information’s, these two police have been seen with two women at about 4:00pm on Sunday in a hill in the district and investigations ongoing.”

However, the police did not provide further details.