29.2m Afghans will need humanitarian aid in 2023: UNICEF

KABUL (TOLOnews): In a recent report, UNICEF said 29.2 million people are projected to need humanitarian assistance in 2023 and over 15 million people are projected to be in crisis and emergency levels of food insecurity during the period of May to October 2023.
Drought-like conditions, floods, insecurity, harsh winters, political and economic instability, and displacement, have increased recession in Afghanistan.
“The economic crisis is expected to continue, with 64 percent of households unable to meet their basic needs as vulnerable populations are pushed to the brink,” the UNICEF report said. “The main goal of humanitarian aid and food security is to raise the level of consumption and the basic needs of families,” said Sayed Masoud, an economist.
UNICEF added that the ban on Afghan women from working with non-governmental organizations and the United Nations has significantly increased protection risks for vulnerable women and children.
“The best talents exist in women, and they can play an active role in the social and work fields, but unfortunately, the current government has not been able to solve this problem in the country so far,” said Surya Paykan, women’s rights activist.
“If women have a share in government posts, this shows the justice of Islamic governance — that it considers women and men equally in governance privileges and fulfills their rights for them,” said Robina Merzada, a women’s rights activist.
The Ministry of Economy of the Islamic Emirate once again asks the international community not to stop their humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.
“Focusing on development programs in job-creating sectors is among the priorities of the Ministry of Economy. The support of the international community for economic programs and the removal of economic sanctions by the United Nations can improve the economic and livelihood situation and create job opportunities for our people,” said Abdul Rahman Habibi, spokesman for the Ministry of Economy. UNICEF added in the report that for 2023 $1.45 billion is urgently needed for the organization and without this funding the humanitarian needs of 19 million people in Afghanistan will remain unmet.