Over 90,000 visitors attend flag raising ceremony in Beijing

BEIJING (AFP): The biggest event of the new year in China was the flag-raising ceremony. A group of soldiers from People’s Liberation Army raised the national flag at the heart of Beijing Tian’anmen square on Monday.

Early in the morning about 7:30 ninety-six PLA honour guards appeared from the main gate of Tian’anmen led by flag holder and marched to the rostrum where they raised the national flag followed by Chinese national anthem by People’s Liberation Army band.

Chinese people started gathering around 5am to watch this ceremony and on that time temperature was around -6C.  Despite the cold weather, according to official media, more than 90,000 visitors attended this ceremony just to show their love with their country.

Following the decision of Communist Party of China Central Committee, this year the contingents of People’s Liberation Army replaced the Armed police force assumed guard duties, firing cannons, flag raising on wherries sites with full spirit and enthusiasm.

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