Actress Ghana Ali is sick of constant negativity clouding her marriage, pregnancy

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Pakistani actress Ghana Ali is currently expecting however the actress who it seems is quite happy about conceiving soon keeps sharing pictures with her better half on her Instagram handle but social media users who never seem to let anyone breathe a sigh of relief has once again clouded Ghana’s latest post with negative comments.

Ghana took to her social media account and posted a heart-warming picture of herself with husband. The duo is wearing dark coloured attires. While Ghana has chosen to don a purple maxi, her husband is donning a black t-shirt. The couple radiates vibes of happiness obviously over the fact that they are about to mount the journey of parenthood soon.

But a certain social media users more specifically a Miss Troll decided to tell Ghana that she doesn’t need to put a hand on her belly because it is rather obvious that she is expecting so according to the agitated social media user she didn’t see the need for Ghana to put a hand on her stomach.

Basically Sumbul was trying to tell Ghana that it is already obvious she is expecting, she doesn’t need to further impose the fact.

Actress Ghana it seems by now is sick of all the criticism which keeps emerging on her posts and decided to respond with equal resentment: “Why is so necessary to have issues with everything we do?”

Dear Trolls, please leave the adorable actress alone and let her revel in this marvellous phase of life.