After Abraham Accord, the Moses-Aaron reunion in making

A unique and highly deplorable situation surrounds the Muslim Ummah, as its most sensitive and vital issues attached to Muslim countries are being decided, and materialized by the powerful Western nations who always stab Ummah in the back. It was a surprising news item for the global community and shocked Muslims around the globe when US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to work together toward a landmark agreement to forge diplomatic relations between Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Biden-Yahu summit that happened after a week-long struggle of Israeli diplomats in Washington, Biden took a traditionally mild view of the deteriorating security situation and oppressive measures of the Israeli government in the West Bank and Gaza, along with a vague reference to the so-called two-state solution of Palestine issue. However, Biden expressed annoyance over Netanyahu’s far-right government’s controversial judicial overhaul plan which is purely an internal matter of Tel Aviv’s regime and has no direct impact on Israel’s relations with the United States or any other nation thus Biden’s reluctance to his meetup with Netanyahu was nothing more than a political stunt to mollify millions of Muslim voters ahead of Presidential election that scheduled to be held in November next year.

The United States of America and its unlawful child had long established their monopoly in the greater Middle East and North African (MENA) region by tactful exploitation of regional issues and the use of divide and rule policy. During the early sixties, Washington forged a nexus with Tel Aviv and gave a Policeman role to Israel in the Middle East by providing massive economic and military assistance over the past decades. Until then, Israeli leaders implemented their strategic plans and gained regional supremacy by using the American crutches and the White House’s diplomacy. Meanwhile, American leaders have played the role of Israeli pawns in the Middle East. Historically, the Camp David meetup, the Oslo Agreement, and the so-called Abraham Accord, all mechanisms were aimed at protecting Jew’s interests, undermined the Palestine cause, and frustrated Arab nations in the region.

Previously, US far-right nationalist President Donald J. Trump handed over a magnificent gift to the Jewish state in the shape of Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital along with normalisation of trade and diplomatic relations with four important Muslim states including the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan. Presently, American rulers had taken up the agenda for a breakthrough in the bilateral relations between Israel and the leading Muslim state of Saudi Arabia, which would not only assimilate the Jewish state in the Middle East region but completely push the Palestine issue to the back burner. In that context, the ploy of the two-state solution and Palestine’s freedom from Israeli occupation would die forever, while the idea of greater Israel would achieve a landmark success toward its realization.

Historically, Washington’s continued support for Israel had caused great concerns in the Arab countries who gradually ceased their hopes in the US and forged deep political and economic links with Russia and China. Over the past years, the geopolitical environment in the greater MENA region has changed significantly as Washington lost its stakes in the Middle East while Beijing and Moscow increased their economic and political influence in the area. Presently, a tug of war is continuing between the Russo-China alliance and the US-led Western bloc to consolidate their influence in the Middle East, while the Asian bloc is comparatively better suited to Gulf states yet Arab leaders fell victim to Western ploy and failed to assess the situation until and unless it clumped hard on their heads. The Biden administration is resolutely working to forge normal relations between Riyadh and the tiny Jewish state. The extent of the success of the Biden administration was so evident that recently a two-member Israeli delegation paid an announced state visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the first event of its kind over the past seven and half decades of inception of the state of Israel.

Awfully, the Jew-Christ nexus against the Muslim Ummah is in full swing and several powerful Muslim states have been sabotaged over the past decades. The Trump administration has made history through the Abraham accord, while Biden’s team was determined to comprehend the Moses-Aaron reunion in the coming months. Biden has invited Israeli leader to the white house late this year which might come with another victory for Israel and one more setback for Muslim Ummah in modern history.