Anna Laudel gallery’s debut at POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair

ISTANBUL: Anna Laudel Gallery makes its highly-anticipated debut at the prestigious POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair, presenting a thoughtfully curated selection of artworks by standout artists Lennart Brede, Ramazan Can, Ekin Su Koç and Daniele Sigalot.

In its role as an official partner of Berlin Art Week, the 10th installment of POSITIONS Berlin marks the exciting commencement of Berlin’s autumn art season, beckoning an international audience to explore the creative narratives of 100 carefully chosen galleries, representing 20 diverse nations and offering a captivating glimpse into the world of contemporary and modern art.

POSITIONS Berlin will take place in the spacious hangar localities on Tempelhofer Feld, providing a unique setting given the site´s historical importance. The only gallery representing Türkiye and Germany together with their galleries in Istanbul, Bodrum and Düsseldorf, Anna Laudel will be showcasing artists of the younger generation with very distinct artistic styles.


Lennart Brede is a Berlin and London-based photographer, whose work is as much a documentation of his living environment and his numerous travel experiences, as it is an expression of his poignant photographic eye. His selection presents a specific view of the world discovering spontaneous community with affinities and friendship through the sense of belonging.

Ramazan Can investigate the practices of traditional craftsmanship to deliver a commentary on present-day conflicts by connecting the past and the present. Inspired by shamanism, rituals, totems, Anatolian traditions, mythology and identity issues, he invites the audience to witness and experience his journey into his mind and into his childhood memories as a nomad.

Ekin Su Koç’s artistic practice is informed by consistently evolving dialogues about migration, displacement, gender dynamics, nature and body perception. Her works span various techniques and media including paint on canvas, collage on paper and epoxy on canvas.

Daniele Sigalot is a conceptual artist drawing attention with his joyful, cynical and shocking artistic language. The Italian artist surprises the audience with his cheerful and uniquely absurd visual language reflected in the body of work selected for this particular fair.

Anna Laudel will be located at Booth C18 at Tempelhof Airport Hangar 6 as part of POSITIONS Berlin 2023, until Sept. 17.

Courtesy: Dailysabah