Another clunky propaganda

Rayyan Baig

India is habitual of organizing false flag operations and then crying hoarse to show herself as a victim. She does it to coincide with any important event at international level or dignitary visiting Pakistan/ India to influence the visiting dignitary and earn cheap mileage. The same is also done close to elections by the ruling party/ RAW to arouse anti Pakistan/ Muslims feelings to win elections. Even the RAW manages the same in Afghanistan with her network of consulates/ spies to blame Pakistan. Then Indian media joins the chorus and an anti-Pakistan tirade is launched without any proofs while quelling saner voices even from inside India.

India has a long history of stage managing dramas to malign Pakistan which dates back to seventies. Prior to 1971 War she stage managed the kidnapping of her vintage and decommissioned aircraft through pseudo Kashmiris and then getting it torched to block Pakistan overflying Indian space. She did the same in 2000 on the visit of US president Bill Clinton to India by Killing 36 innocent Sikhs in IHK and falsely blaming Pakistan. In 2001 India managed a false flag attack on her parliament and created war hysteria, when UN General Assembly was in session and the Indian Elections were around the corner. In 2002 a train burning incident was stage managed at Godhra which sparked anti-Muslim riots, under Modi’s Chief Minister Ship, resulting into killing of thousands of innocent Indian Muslims in Gujrat. On 2 Jan 2016 Pathankot drama was launched when the US President’s State of the Union address was due, and foreign secretary level talks between Pakistan and India were scheduled, which were also scuttled by India. On 18 Sep 2016 Uri incident was stage managed when Pakistani PM was to go to UN General Assembly and highlight Indian atrocities in Kashmir. The recent Pulwama attack happened when Pakistan was being praised for its efforts for peace in Afghanistan and the Saudi Crown Prince was visiting Pakistan, with a prospect of hefty investments. In addition, at this juncture the discussion on IHK in European Union, FATF discussion and Kulbhushan Yadav case in ICJ were due which were cause of concern for India. Pakistan is not naive to benefit India on such occasion by organizing such absurd incidents.

The Indian drama has been exposed number of times not by Pakistan but the Indians themselves and the neutral observers/ writers. The attack on Indian Parliament was exposed by an ex Indian Home Ministry Under-Secretary Mr RVS Mani through an affidavit in the court in Ishrat Jahan “fake encounter case”. He further revealed that a member of the Central Bureau of Investigation probe team Mr Satish Verma, told him that both the 2001 attack on Indian parliament and the 2008 Mumbai attacks were set up “with the objective of strengthening the counter-terror legislation”.

The Malegaon bombings, Samjhauta Express incident and lot many other incidents, which were attributed to Pakistan/ ISI by India, were exposed by Mr Hemant Kurkure, who too was killed by Indian LEAs in yet another stage managed attack to conceal their lies. The drama of much trumpeted Mumbai attacks has been amply exposed by ex IG of Maharashtra State, Mr SM Mushrif in his book “Who Killed Kurkure?” and by Mr Elias Davidson in his book “The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence”.

The Pulwama incident, like many previous incidents, leaves lot of unanswered questions. The timing of attack alone is meaningful ie, in the backdrop of visit of Prince Muhammad to Pakistan, the Kulbhushan Yadav case hearing in ICJ, IHK discussion in European Union and FATF discussion etc about which India was highly worried. The video of Pulwama attack, which looks to be preplanned, and the caste composition of the soldiers targeted, leave much to the speculation of the neutral observers. The use of about 300 KG explosive in said attack which is in service with Indian Army in IHK, also tells something.

India’s pointing finger towards Pakistan in the presence of around 7 million Indian forces in IHK and border fences reinforced with latest sensors, is quite absurd and amounts to mocking the capability of her own armed forces. The defeat of BJP in recently held State Elections, due to Modi’s failed policies, probably prompted Modi/BJP/RAW to stage a drama to win the coming elections. The similar dramas have paid rich political dividends in the past but this time saner voices from India, though very few, have started questioning the legitimacy of Indian government claims, however, the media has left no stones unturned to create the frenzy.

If Indian claims of Adil Ahmad Dar committing Pulwama attack are taken correct, then India needs to carry out her own soul searching instead of pointing finger towards Pakistan. Adil Dar was from IHK, the vehicle used in said attack was from IHK and the explosive used was the same in service with armed forces in IHK. Why have the Kashmiris been so much alienated that highly educated youth have started joining the struggle movement instead of pursuing their careers? The Kashmiris are arbitrarily arrested, humiliated, beaten and even brutally killed without any fault.

The seven decades of injustice, cruelty and inhuman treatment of Kashmiris by Indian forces, especially under Modi, has removed the fear of death from the hearts of Kashmiri youth. India needs to realize that any amount of brutality or threat to Kashmiri mothers by senior Indian Army officers won’t deter them and the Kashmiris mothers would continue giving births to Wanis, Dars and many more. The sensible Indians need to question their government about the intelligence failure in Pulwama incident and her war mongering.

Pakistani PM rendered his sincere offer to India for peace after taking over as PM, he manifested the same by opening Kartarpur Corridor. After the Pulwama attack he once again offered all possible help and even promised to take action if actionable intelligence was provided. But the Indian government doesn’t seem to be serious as she wants to use said “false flag” for political gains at the cost of regional peace. The war is not a “Game of Thrones” especially between two nuclear states, it may turn the region in ashes and imperil the peace of the World. Pakistan’s desire for peace must not be taken as a weakness by India, she needs to realize that Pakistani Armed forces are battle hardened, unlike 60s and 70s, and would go to any extent to defend their motherland, with the entire nation standing at its back.