China opposes US-Taiwan treaties affecting sovereignty

BEIJING (TASS): The Chinese government opposes any agreement between the United States and Taiwan that affects national sovereignty. This was announced on Friday by the official representative of the Office of Taiwan Affairs under the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, Ma Xiaoguang.
“We are strongly opposed to the American side entering into any agreements with the Taiwan region, the content of which is related to issues of sovereignty, or organizing events related to them,” reads a statement released on the agency’s website in connection with holding a joint meeting by Washi-ngton and Taipei in accordance with the Memora-ndum of Cooperation on Maritime Patrolling, which was signed in March.
The US spokesman stressed that the United States must immediately stop actions that Taiwanese separatists perceive as support for their efforts to gain independence from China. “We insist that the American side firmly adhere to the relevant bilateral agreements with the PRC on Taiwan,” he added.
The United States severed diplomatic relations with Taipei in 1979 and established one with Beijing. Recognizing the “one China” policy, Washington continues to maintain contacts with the island and supplies it with weapons.
Last year, the administration of the 45th American President Donald Trump, against the background of aggravated relations with China due to the situation in Hong Kong, significantly intensified interaction with Taiwan, which caused sharp discontent among the Chinese authorities.