Controversial TV host Aamir Liaquat lodges FIR against Haniya Khan

F.P. Report

KARACHI: The most controversial host of the nation, Aamir Liaquat Hussain has now become the victim of a delicate marriage.

It is no news to us that Aamir Liaquat has been making the headlines due to a particular ‘non-significant’ actress blaming him for basically each bad thing that has been routing for her existence since a considerable time period now.

Yes we are talking about Haniya Khan who had recently taken upon herself to make sure she acclaims the title of Aamir’s ‘third wife’.

However Mr Liaquat who had been dealing with the situation with a calm mindset till now has now decided to unleash his wrath.

Taking to his Instagram handle, the ‘hyperactive’ host said: “I have faced so many accusations and allegations with patience and it broke my family.”

Things got extremely heated up during Aamir’s speech as he showed a few ‘bold’ evidences regarding his self-proclaimed ‘third-wife’.

It has being speculated by the netizens of the nation that Aamir’s wife Syeda Tuba has taken separation from him and is residing at her parents’ house now.

Aamir further reveals that an FIR has been filed against Miss Haniya Khan.

Also that Haniya will now have to face the results of her ‘smart’ scheming as she will be summoned to the court where DNA tests of both the individuals in question will be taken into consideration which will lead to Haniya’s claims about certain miscarriages also getting full disclosure and then it will be up to the court to announce a verdict.

During Aamir’s emotional rant, he makes a fair point: “Not a single journalist asked Haniya to show the marriage certificate (Nikah Nama).”

Host Aamir might be extremely aggravated regarding the whole fiasco at hand and rightly so after his family falling apart due to certain allegations coming his way which made him issue a warning for his haters and a very scary one at that.

He told his trolls to stop making up lies about him as the court is involved now and anyone who takes part into defaming the renowned personality through taking part into spreading ‘false statements’ will have to answer to the court.

Wow. Trolls of Pakistan might need to divert their attention to a new target now.