‘Corbezzolo Honey’ rare bitter nectar from strawberry tree

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ROME: A unique kind of honey extracted from the flowers of corbezzolo shrub shows a not very honey like attribute as it’s bitter in taste.

Usually when one thinks of honey, the nourishing sweet taste are the words to come in mind for the natural substance collected by bees from flowers. But a rare kind of nectar has been being made by the Italians in Sardinia for a very long time. Though it’s hard to deal with the bitterness but once it’s gotten through the nectar is full of nutrients and natural medicine.

The amber nectar known as the ‘Corbezzolo Honey’ has anti-inflammatory properties and could also be used as a cough sedative and sleep inducer. It’s also full of vitamins and minerals.

The nectar is extracted from the flowers of corbezzolo shrub that is known as the strawberry tree in English.

The Corbezzolo is the rarest kind of honey in the world as the production of the unique nectar is very limited. There are many reasons for it. First, the flowers of corbezzolo shrub only bloom in autumn with special weather conditions and also the bell shape of the flower makes it difficult for the bees to collect nectar. While another reason is that the rainy weather in autumn limits the bees to their hives.