Despite risk, Dr. Maryam saves lives

Monitoring Desk

KANDAHAR CITY: Maryam Sharifi, a doctor in Kandahar who works at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus in the province, says she want to continue working with other doctors who are also strongly motivated, despite the risk to themselves.

Sharifi stated that despite her family’s concerns, she wants to continue her work to save people’s lives and treat COVID-19 patients. She goes to see coronavirus patients every day, wearing special protective clothes.

“When our hospital was dedicated to treating COVID-19 patients, as a doctor, I never felt demotivated and kept working with strong determination, because we must first encourage patients and strengthen them spiritually.” Sharifi added.

Maryam says she has no fear when treating COVID-19 patients and wants to encourage doctors and other nurses to fight the deadly virus better.

“Despite the dangers, we, the professional staff, are not afraid of this pandemic. Since the first day I became a doctor, I pledged to serve my country and my patients,” Sharifi said.

“We are proud to be here to serve the people and work in this dangerous and difficult place,” Mayar, a health worker, said.

Meanwhile, residents of Kandahar have called the doctors in the health department who are treating the coronavirus “heroes”, acknowledging that they are at the forefront of the fight against the virus.

“The struggle is very difficult in this situation, so the doctors who are fighting are praiseworthy for us, and we are proud of them,” said Nabila Assadi, a women’s rights activist.

“We are very proud of the doctors who are fighting this virus,” said Suraya, another activist.

The coronavirus has spread to many parts of the country, and Kandahar, after Kabul and Herat, has the highest number of coronavirus patients in the country. (TOLOnews)