Diamond signs on Ayesha Omer, Mushk Kaleem and Mashal Khan

F.P. Report

KARACHI: The makers of Diamond Foam announced a grand partnership with three brand ambassadors to represent their lifestyle management category. Keeping in mind the current pandemic situation and life style changes, Diamond Group is planning to launch some new innovative products in 2021

Diamond’s Accessories range reflects the vision of the group in bringing new and innovative products to the consumer which will fit into our needs and new lifestyle changes.

The three personalities will be associated with Diamond Supreme lifestyle products that will enable customers to enjoy healthy and comfortable lives, with the right technical support for their bodies. Keeping the Diamond Foam slogan of ‘Aaram ka hai naam’ in mind, a range of leg, knee, spine, neck and other joint support has been launched that is helping people of all ages and all walks of life, specifically professionals who are working from home or run home based businesses, keep their bodies healthy.

Diamond has understood the customers changing lifestyle needs, specially for people working from home and introduced a range that includes the Supreme Knee Roll, Supreme Knee Pillow, Supreme Foot Rest, Neck Relaxer, Neck Pro, Coccyx Cushion Pro, Ring Pro, Spine Aligner, Lumbar Supporter, Neck IQ Gel, Care Pillow and Dr. Goodback memory. Expectant mothers who need extra support can also choose from the Mom Rest and Mom Pal.