Erdogan forgot about cameras and tapped the boy on the head when he tore off the opening of the tunnel

ISTANBUL (Agencies): A curious incident occurred during the opening of a car tunnel by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The head of state stood on the stage with his assistants and children, waiting for the announcement to end from the presenter. However, the boy, who at that time was twirling the scissors in his hands, clearly got bored at an adult event and cut the blue ribbon ahead of time.

Seeing this, Erdogan was confused and displeased tapping the boy on the head, explaining that it was impossible to do this. The girl standing next to her, who was supposed to keep an eye on the little one, was also reprimanded. But she only smiled in response, rejoicing in the prank. Nevertheless, the president quickly restored his peace of mind and got out of the situation by cutting the already damaged ribbon. And judging by his smile at the end, he was not too angry with the children.