Girls still face unfair bans on education

KABUL (Khaama Press): The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, has stated that two years have passed since the ban on girls’ education in Afghanistan, and this unjust violation of human rights continues.

Guterres said on his social media platform X, “Two years have passed since the ban on girls attendance in schools in Afghanistan.” Furthermore, he talked about the policies and actions of the Taliban administration regarding the ban on girls’ education, saying, “This is an unjustifiable violation of human rights that inflicts long-term damage on the entire country.” The United Nations Secretary-General has urged removing all restrictions and decrees preventing girls from accessing education.

Girls in Afghanistan are the primary victims of the policies of the Taliban regime. The de facto administration began issuing decrees and guidelines that severely impacted the lives of women and girls at all levels.

The ban on girls’ education was one of the first orders issued. Although the Taliban initially declared this ban temporary, it is still in effect after two years. The experiences of women in Afghanistan and the overall policies of the de facto administration, which are implemented with a misogynistic approach, demonstrate that gender apartheid is prevalent in Afghanistan.

United Nations experts who have travelled to Afghanistan and closely observed the situation confirm the occurrence of gender apartheid in Afghanistan. However, the international community and the United Nations have not officially recognised this reality.