Handicraft exhibition held

BAMYAN (Agencies): A two-day exhibition of books and handicrafts was opened by the Information and Culture department of the province in cooperation with Directorate of Industry and Commerce of that province.
Mohammad Khan Ghazi, the representative of Bamyan governor, said: We are ready to cooperate with all the departments that work in different sectors under the Islamic Sharia rule.
The Provincial, head of information and culture Mawlawi Saif-ul-Rahman Mohammadi in Bamyan, said: the Afghan nation gained its independence and was saved from the aggression of foreigners. It is necessary for us to have cultural independence along with territorial and military independence.
He said books and reading books is important. let’s make the book a role model for our lives, let’s make our lives prosperous and beautiful in the light of books and knowledge, he added.
The today’s exhibitions promote the culture of reading books among young people and the economy of families is also strengthened by displaying local handicrafts, he said
An official for the department of Vice and Virtue in the department of Bamyan Maulvi Merajuddin Jami said: everyone is aware that the world tried to impose its culture on Afghanistan, but fortunately, with the efforts of the Muslim community of the country, we preserved our Islamic culture and the country we saved from the occupation of foreign countries.