Helicopter raid in northern Syria captured Daesh/ISIS official: US military

TORONTO (AA) : A helicopter raid by the US military in northern Syria on Monday targeted and captured a Daesh/ISIS official, according to a statement. 

“Abu Halil al-Fad’ani, an ISIS (Daesh) Syria Operational and Facilitation official, was captured during the raid. Al-Fad’ani was assessed to have relationships throughout the ISIS (Daesh) network in the region,” US Central Command, or CENTCOM, said in a statement.

The capture of Daesh/ISIS officials like al-Fad’ani increases the US’ ability to find and remove terrorists from the battlefield, said Lt. Col. Troy Garlock, CENTCOM spokesperson. “USCENTCOM remains committed to the enduring defeat of ISIS,” he added.

No civilians were killed or wounded during the operation, the statement said.