House-to-house searches
cause international outcry

KABUL (Tolo News): The continuation of the house-to-house searches by the Islamic Emirate has provoked reactions from the European Union and German Ambassador to Afghanistan, among others. Andreas Von Brandt, the ambassador and head of the EU delegation to Afghanistan, said in a tweet that in addition to the issue of Russia and the Ukraine, the EU was monitoring the new Afghan government in Afghanistan.
According to him, house-to-house searches have caused concerns among the Afghan people, and this must be stopped immediately. “The intimidations, house searches, arrests and violence against members of different ethnic groups and women are crimes and must stop immediately. Despite Putin’s war we are watching you,” said Von Brandt.
In the meantime, Potzel Markus, German ambassador-designate to Afghanistan, tweeted that house-to-house searches affect ordinary citizens, including international NGO workers. “Concerned about reports of house searches, intimidation, violence against ‘criminals’ in & around Kabul. As it turns out, this mostly affected ordinary citizens, including international NGO workers. This is not a proper way to win the hearts & minds of the AFG people,” tweeted Potzel.
Although officials said they consider the house-to-house searches to be in the interest of the people’s security, some citizens criticize the house-to-house search method and the behavior of some force members of the Islamic Emirate. “During the four days, in 12 PD and other areas we found 112 weapons and several vehicles,” said Khalid Zadran, spokesman of the Kabul Police Command.
The Kabul Police Command said women are also being used in the house-to-house operations. “We treat people well. First, we move the women to a house and then we check them,” said a female member of the Islamic Emirate forces. Yesterday, the Islamic Emirate announced that the inspection of people’s houses will be carried out in coordination with the representatives of the districts and the imam of the local mosque.
The citizens of the country also have different views on this issue. “We saw that there were no women in the searching process, and there was no lawyer in the alley or the imam of the mosque. With this, people are harmed,” said Mohammad Sarvuz, a resident of Kabul
“They came to the house without permission and without prior notice, and the women were frightened, and the children were terrified of such inspections,” said Mohammad Qasim, a resident of Kabul. According to reports, in addition to Kabul province, house-to-house searches have been launched in Kapisa and Parwan provinces. It is not yet clear how long these operations will continue.
This comes as the Islamic Emirate described the recent house-to-house searches as “constructive,” saying that many weapons and ammunition were captured. Also several Daesh fighters, robbers and kidnappers were captured in the so-called clearing operation, said officials.