Husband is a cheater, dad is a rapist: Princess Eugenia came to the Queen in stress

LONDON (cosmo): Elizabeth II traditionally gathered her family in the Scottish residence of Balmoral. Princess Eugenie flew in for a family vacation amid accusations against her husband and father.            

For the first time since the death of her husband, Prince Philip, the British queen visited her Scottish residence. The staff arranged a modest meeting for her in the courtyard. Following Her Majesty, the rest of the family began to arrive at Balmoral. Prince Andrew arrived by car with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. Princess Eugenie flew in on a commercial flight from London Heathrow. She was spotted at the Aberdeen airport the night before.

The Queen’s granddaughter and Prince Andrew’s daughter came with her husband Jack Brooksbank. Behind them was the nanny, who carried their little son Augustus in her arms. The family tried not to attract attention. The couple quickly descended the stairs and got into the waiting Ranger Rover.

The traditional August holidays at Balmoral are tense for the royal family this year. The 99-year-old husband of Elizabeth II passed away. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle finally left the monarchy and settled in the United States. The son of the crowned person, Prince Andrew, is accused of sexual assault. Princess Eugenia’s husband was caught on a yacht in the company of three models.

The Queen’s beloved granddaughter, of course, is painfully going through the scandals around Andrew’s father and husband Jack and needs wise advice from the crowned grandmother. The youngest daughter of the Duke of York will be at the Queen’s holiday home amid crisis negotiations between senior members of the royal family, according to the Daily Mail.

The charges against Prince Andrew were brought forward by the victim of the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The prince had a long-standing friendship with a billionaire pedophile. 38-year-old Virginia Roberts said she was forced to have sex with the son of the British queen three times on the orders of Epstein. The girl then turned 17 years old. According to her, she was forced to obey out of fear for her life.

The appearance of Princess Eugenia at the airport is the first after a loud sex scandal in which her husband fell. Brooksbank has been spotted on a vintage speedboat off the Italian coast. He sipped rosé wine with three models in bikinis. The paparazzi captured how he hugged them in his own way.

It turned out that the princess’s husband was on a business trip to Capri to promote his Casamigos tequila brand. Evgenia accompanied him. She was supposed to attend the party on the yacht, but at the last moment changed her mind and stayed with her little son. As a result, without her supervision, Jack ran into an unpleasant situation. Sarah Ferguson stood up to protect her son-in-law. The ex-wife of Prince Andrew and mother of Princess Eugenie said that it was a friendly meeting of colleagues and that there could be no talk of any betrayal.

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