Hypersonic missiles and combat robots. What the Ministry of Defense ordered at the Army-2021 forum

MOSCOW (TASS): Representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry signed on August 24 at the Army-2021 military-technical forum in the Moscow region a number of contracts for the supply of weapons – from hypersonic missiles to attack drones and combat robots.

According to Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko, the military has signed more than 40 contracts totaling over 500 billion rubles. This is noticeably more modest than a year ago, when the ministry ordered weapons for 1.16 trillion rubles, but following the implementation of all agreements, the armed forces will replenish more than 1.3 thousand pieces of equipment.

TASS has compiled the main thing that the Russian military will receive in the coming years.

Robots and drones

Heavy assault robotic complex “Shturm” from the Ural Design Bureau of Transport Engineering (part of Uralvagonzavod), based, according to open sources, on the platform of the T-72 tank. While we are talking about a prototype.

Complexes “Uran-14”, designed to fight fires. This is a continuation of the line of robots “Uran-6” and “Uran-9”.

A complex with middle-class strike drones “Inokhodets-RU” – vehicles of this type were tested during the hostilities in Syria, as well as reconnaissance vehicles “Forpost-R”.

New batches of hypersonic missiles “Dagger” (for the Russian Aerospace Forces) and “Zircon” (for the Navy). In addition, the company ordered the modernization of the MiG-31K aircraft, which are carriers of the “Dagger”, and the modernization of the next batch of MiG-31 interceptors to the level of the MiG-31BM.

30 Ka-52M attack helicopters – an upgraded version of the Ka-52 Alligator. The novelty differs from the base vehicle in a radar system with an active phased antenna array and weapons, unified with the other newest attack helicopter Mi-28NM. Deliveries are expected in 2022-2023.

Upgraded strategic bombers Tu-95MSM. The combat vehicles will be equipped with new control and radar systems, flight and navigation equipment and a communications complex. How many aircraft will be upgraded is not specified.

Eight NK-32 engines of the second series for Tu-160M ​​strategic bombers until 2024. This is enough to equip two cars.

Armored vehicles and machine guns

Self-propelled artillery mounts “Coalition-SV” with a 152 mm cannon on the platform of the T-90 tank. This technique is designed to destroy ground targets at a distance of up to 70 km.

Combat vehicles of the TOS-2 “Tosochka” heavy flamethrower system presented at the Victory Day parade in Moscow in 2020.

Tanks T-90M “Breakthrough”, which are the latest modification of the T-90, including a new turret and a more powerful engine. Some of the vehicles already in service will be upgraded to the T-90M level.

Anti-aircraft guided missiles 9M333, which are equipped with the Strela-10 complexes. They were presented by the Kalashnikov concern at the Army-2020 forum.

AK-12 5.45 mm assault rifles, first demonstrated at the Victory Day parade in 2019. Earlier, “Kalashnikov” announced plans in 2019-2021 to supply the military with 112.5 thousand of these machines.

Russian fleet

Medium reconnaissance ships from the Zelenodolsk plant named after A. M. Gorky and another base minesweeper of Project 12700 “Alexandrite” from the Sredne-Nevsky shipyard.

On Monday, four submarines began to be built for the Russian Navy at once: two strategic nuclear submarines of project 955A Borey-A, Dmitry Donskoy and Prince Potemkin, and two diesel-electric project 636.3 Varshavyanka, Mozhaisk and Yakutsk. In addition, corvettes of projects 20380 and 20385 “Grozny” and “Buyny” were laid at the Amur shipyard.

In addition to the hypersonic Zircons, the Russian fleet will receive another batch of Caliber subsonic cruise missiles, which were successfully used during the operation in Syria.