I will take three wickets with one ball: Imran

F.P. Report
KARAK: Former Prime Minister and Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has said that this time I will take three wickets with one ball, the entire Pakistani nation is with me in the movement of real freedom. He said that the rulers should not be under any misunderstanding, the nation has made its decision, the nation is ready to leave, it is only waiting for a call and this will be our last and decisive march.
Addressing a public meeting in Karak, Imran Khan said that the general elections will be held very soon and after these elections, God willing, the corrupt mafia will be thrown out of Pakistani politics. Recently an audio was leaked in which Maryam Nawaz instructing government officials to import power plants from India to illegally benefit her son-in-law, Maryam using public money for her son-in-law’s housing society. Trying to install a grid station from Benefiting oneself in power is the worst type of corruption.
From these audio leaks, it became clear that these people have come to end corruption cases on themselves under the pretext of ending inflation. He said that two families ruled the country for thirty years and looted people’s money and transferred it to foreign countries. During his tenure, India and Bangladesh went ahead of us in the race of development and we never thought of increasing our income.
The economy improves only by increasing the export of the country, the country’s export increased significantly during our time. Imran Khan said that we have to fix our economy and spend people’s money on people. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf launched Sehat Card Plus scheme to provide free medical facilities to the people across the province.
Apart from this, it is working on an education card for students through which students will be able to get free education in higher education institutions of the country. Countries that do not increase their income and stand on their own feet lose both their freedom and dignity. By reducing our expenses and increasing our income, we will put the country on its feet and restore the honor and dignity of our nation twice. We will make our foreign policy according to national and public interest and not for anyone else’s interests.
Imran Khan said that big robbers were imposed on our country under an external conspiracy, the corrupt gang got rid of 1100 billion rupees corruption cases by amending the NAB laws. Nawaz Sharif’s sons live in the most expensive area of ??London, where even the Prime Minister of Great Britain cannot live, and this is the stolen money of the people.
The country’s debts are increasing while the assets of two corrupt families are increasing. Nawaz Sharif’s son says we are not citizens of Pakistan, we are not accountable to anyone. Imran Khan said that if a rich man steals in a poor country, he gets NRO, while the poor get punished. Allah Ta’ala has ordered us to stand against oppression and injustice.
Meanwhile, the PTI supremo Imran Khan on Sunday constituted a 10-member advisory council. In the announcement issued by PTI, it has been said that Imran Khan has formed the advisory council of the party, whose chairman will be Hamid Khan.
The statement said that the 10-member advisory council will include Rauf Hassan, Najeeb Haroon, Arshad Dad, Jamal Ansari, and Khalid Masood. Apart from this, Saleem Jan, Yaqub Izhar, Tasneem Noorani, and Bakhtiar Kasuri have also been appointed as members of PTI’s Advisory Council. The advisory council will submit its opinion and recommendations to the party chairman on important national issues, the statement said.