IE increasing efforts to raise Chabahar port activity

KABUL (TOLOnews): Officials in the Islamic Emirate said that they have increased their efforts to develop the activity of Iran’s Chabahar port with the aim of not harming the merchants of the country and not relying on a single transit route.
Zabiullah Mujahid, spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, emphasized that with the increase of the capacity in Chabahar port and the activation of the railway of the route with Afghanistan, the problems of the merchants will be solved to a large extent.
“We are trying to prevent losses to our traders. Our traders should not rely on one country, one path, and one way. Chabahar is active now,” said a spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.
“Our intention is good, friendly relations based on economic benefits and good neighborliness,” said Akhond Salam Jawad, a spokesman of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
Meanwhile, the Chamber of Commerce and Investment also said that by solving the challenges in Chabahar port, Afghanistan’s international trade and transit process will be further developed.
“In order to resolve the technical issues of Chabahar, the government of the Islamic Emirate should act as soon as possible so that we have an alternative way…,” said Khan Mohammad Sarfraz, an official of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment.
“Chabahar port is very important to reach the markets of India exclusively and also the transit of Indian goods through Afghanistan to Central Asia. But, unfortunately, during the last twenty years, sufficient port equipment has not been installed there,” said Azrakhsh Hafizi, a political analyst.
Earlier, the officials of the Afghanistan Railway Department announced that the Chabahar-Nimroz railway project would be completed as soon as possible and they described this project one of the fundamental priorities of the department for the development of trade and transit and to facilitate the transportation of commercial goods between Kabul and Tehran.