IHC rejects Asad Qaiser’s bail plea due to his absence

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD:  The Islamabad High Court has rejected the protective bail plea of PTI leader Asad Qaiser due to his absence during the hearing.

Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri presided over the bail plea hearing of Asad Qaiser on Friday.

During the proceedings, Justice Jahangiri inquired about Asad Qaiser. The assistant counsel representing Asad Qaiser informed the court that he would be arriving shortly.

Expressing dissatisfaction, Justice Jahangiri remarked that the case had been called earlier and was being called again. The scheduled hearing time was 9:30 am, and the accused should have been present at 7:30 am.

Justice Jahangiri expressed his frustration, stating that the courts do not wait for the accused.

Consequently, the court dismissed the bail plea of PTI leader Asad Qaiser.