Imran’s politics destroyed nation: Ahmed

Muhammad Asad
ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Funded Politics of Imran Khan has destroyed Nation, caused instability, and promoted hatred, division, and anarchy in the country. It was observed by the PML-N leader Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan during a news conference in Islamabad on Friday.
According to Malik Ahmed Khan, the country was in persistent instability and chaos due to the violent and self-centered politics of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI), while political unrest badly affected the national economy. While commenting on the PTI’s narrative of a foreign conspiracy, Malik said that the KP Chief Minister’s meeting with the American Ambassador and reception of vehicles from the foreign diplomatic mission has totally demolished the PTI’s slogan of American slavery not will be accepted (American Ghulami Na Manzoor).
While responding to a media query, Malik said that after the presentation of the no-confidence motion against former Prime Minister Imran Khan, the party has changed various narratives, spoiled youth, organized violent mobs against opponents and isolated the country through politics on national interests and foreign policy. Malik accused the PTI of hiring social media experts on 25 thousand monthly salaries and using those to malign Pakistan Army and national institutions.
According to him, the KP government has allocated a 3 billion rupees budget for the social media team and is using public money against the national institutions and political opponents of the PTI.
Malik was of the view that naming, blaming, abusing, attacking, and harassing others are the major traits of PTI’s politics while social media trolls, fake trending, and baseless propaganda are important weapons of Imran Khan and his followers. Malik Ahmed said that after the announcement of the decision of the PTI’s foreign funding case, PTI Chairman launched a campaign against the establishment and started blaming neutrals for recommending the name of Raja Sikandar Sultan as Cheif Election Commissioner of the country.
Malik called on Imran Khan to demonstrate courage and tell the name of that neutral who influenced him. Malik asked Imran Khan to reveal the name of the neutral whether he was the Army Chief, DG ISI, or any other bureaucrat who supported the nomination of CEC in the past.
Malik expressed regret over the false propaganda on recent helicopter crash and martyrdom of senior Army officers. Malik asked why President Arif Alvi did not attend the funeral ceremony of martyer Military officers and why it is being said that those martyers were the party of regime change operation? Malik claimed that PTI’s narrative of foreign consiprary failed badly and stand exposed after Chief Minister Mahmood Khan met US Ambassador and received vehicles from US government. Malik said that the PTI must abondened the poltics of division, and hatred and should work for the betterment of the public thorugh constructive engagement, dialogue and positive criticism of the ruling government.