India will deploy first regiment of S-400 missile systems next month in Punjab

NEW DELHI (RIA Novosti): The deployment of the first regiment of S-400 Triumph missile systems at an airbase in the Indian state of Punjab is likely to be completed in February, Republic World reports, citing military officials.
The interlocutor of the publication noted that the Indian Air Force has begun the process of deploying a missile system, and it will take at least another six weeks to complete it.
“The transportation of various critical components of missile systems, as well as their peripheral equipment, to the deployment site continues,” the official said.
Earlier, the PTI agency reported, citing representatives of the military, that the S-400 systems are being deployed in India in such a way as to cover sections of the border with China and Pakistan.
Russia and India signed a contract for the supply of S-400s in October 2-018. As it became known earlier, five regimental sets of systems will cost Delhi $ 5.43 billion. India became the third foreign buyer of these complexes after China and Turkey.