International conspiracies and Muslim World

Dr. Asmatullah Khan

Today the Muslim world is fully under trap and the clouds of international conspiracies have surrounded them making their sovereignty at risk.  Their mighty foreign masters are not only suking their blood but are tightening their hands around their necks by using sugar quoted poisonous pills as well. Daily hundreds of Muslims, their females and innocent children are facing extreme brutalities and cruelties, particularly in the Israelis, Indians and Serbians occupied Muslim territories with the support of their US and other European’s masters. In the Indian occupied Kashmir and Israelis occupied Palestine’s territories, the limits of every brutality and cruelty have been crossed against the poor and helpless Muslims families. Today the conspiracies of the US and European countries under the umbrella of friendship, real kind supporters and sympathizers, have made the Muslim world, places of extreme brutalities with every inhuman treatments. Daily almost more than 1000 innocent Muslims are killed in the Muslim world under such friendly enmities and Hippocratic politics. Hundreds of Muslims children and families of Syrians drowned in the sea in search of safe shelters for their survival. Thousands of Muslims and their families have taken refuge in other countries and are living a very difficult and inhuman life over there, having no food, no shelter, no health and potable water and hospitalization facilities. Various dignified families have been pushed for begging and immoralities. The victimization of Afghan nation is another example of such international conspiracies with huge human losses since 1979.

All such man inflicted calamities, cruelties and brutalities are mostly sponsored and cultivated by their US, European’s and other such masters, whom the leaders of the Muslim world are trusting with full blind confidence and trust. But unfortunately the blind leaders of the Muslim world never learned any lesson from the non-supportive and Hippocratic attitude of their masters during dethroning of the King of Iran, killing of Anwar Sadat of Egypt, political conspiracy against President Ayub Khan of Pakistan, Hanging of the Prime Minister Z. A. Bhutto of Pakistan, murder of Liaqat Ali Khan of Pakistan, Killing of king Faisal of Saudi Arabia, death sentence to Sadam Hussain of Iraq, poisoning of Yaseer Arafat, killing of Col. Gadhafi of Libya  etc., are such dominant and well known conspiracies hatched in the US and in the allies countries against the leaders of the Muslim Umah. The Jews lobby in the entire world is quite active against the Muslim world to destabilize and eliminate them in all respect and they fully sponsor all such lobbies working against the Muslim countries. A very crucial bloody incidents and tragedies have already been observed in the recent past in countries like, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Serbia, Bosnia, Syria, Bosnia, Yemen and Palestine’s etc., and all such anti Muslims conspiracies have been hatched and properly monitored and sponsored by these lobbies.

But despite all these crucial known facts, the Muslim world is still in their sleeping, highly intoxicated position and all their precious deposits, natural resources, huge capital and investment are still in the hands of the US and their allies and they are exploiting the Muslim world very bitterly.

It is certainly very unfortunate that the Muslim Umah is still in their dormant stage and is unaware from their own strength, power and wealth. They have neither used their manpower, nor utilized their rich deposits and natural resources for their own stability and survival. They kept themselves unaware from the modern day crucial needs of modern technologies, research, and latest techniques of development and production. Mostly their huge population is unskilled having no access to education, research and technologies. In addition, almost their highly potential, skilled and highly learned manpower have already been attracted through various ways in the developed world. Today, the deposits and natural resources in the developing countries are excavated and utilized by their foreign masters having modern technologies and advance research techniques.  They are taking maximum share out of it as their excavating and refining charges. The exports of the developing countries have already been confined mostly to their raw materials and man power. The unity of the developed world has further curtailed their export.

Therefore, their balance of trade and balance of payments remains unfavorable. The conspiracies of the developed countries have kept all such Muslim countries under their thumb in various ways, specifically, by creating bone of contentions for each and every Muslim country just for the sale of their costly and sophisticated weapons and technologies. Almost the whole Muslim world has been kept as a parasite on the developed world in all respect.

This lamentable socio -economic and political situation and exploitation has further put the Muslim world under great pathetic and deplorable socio -economic situation. The living standard in almost all the Muslim countries is getting worse day by day. The deficiencies in the basic needs, capital outflow, growing trade deficits and unfavorable balance of payments in the developing world have further widened the gap between haves and have not’s. The inflationary spirals injected and the various bones of contentions already created by the developed world have further made their socio -economic and living conditions very miserable, pathetic and even worse in all respect. Today with the help of IMF, WTO and World Bank etc. the survival of the Muslim world has been made very crucial and critical. The true and sincere leadership is another serious issue in the Muslim world; because almost the entire developing countries have further been trapped and engulfed in the name of add, grants and loans and have formulated ways to keep them under the trap of trade and add. The developed countries are not allowing the true and sincere leadership of the Muslim world to lead freely their countries for survival with economic freedom and dignity. Hundreds and thousands of such examples can be quoted in the developing world, where their true and sincere leadership have been assassinated or hanged or have either been dethroned through military coups or through their mercenaries nourished and planted by the western and US in the Muslim world.

All such historical events of the recent past certainly demands to give a wakeup call to the Muslim world for the survival and sovereignty of their countries and to safeguard their own identity in all respect. Today self-respect and self-realization is the only remedy in the developing countries against all such policies of the past.

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