It’s about time Denmark

The Danish government has moved a legislation in the parliament aimed at the provocative stunt of religious blasphemy, desecration of holy books particularly Quran and verbal assault on poise personalities by declaring those shameful acts punishable crimes.

According to the Danish Minister for Justice, burning a copy of the Holy Quran under the new law would be an act punishable by the fine or imprisonment upto two years. The Danish Foreign Minister told the media that the move sends an important political signal to the rest of the world.

Historically, there had been a sequence of incidents of burning of the Holy Quran and desecration of the poise personalities by the far right politicians, Islamophobic agitators and religious fanatics in Denmark, Sweden and other western nations over the past years.

The deplorable satanic acts had been frequently repeated by individuals and groups for heinous motives but the western ruling elite blatantly defended those condemned actions in the garb of freedom of expression and civil liberties. Western leaders fail to understand that unrestricted freedoms sometimes abuse the human rights of other citizens, cause grievances, incite hatred and fuel violence in the society.

However, the Muslims across the world, their representative governments and the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) used all available resources and platforms to exert pressure over western countries including Sweden and Denmark to stop such heinous Islamophobic acts that have become customary in those nations.

Meanwhile, the UNO and several western nations including the US and the UK played an adorable role in condemning those actions and sensitizing the western nations about their global obligations regarding preservation of human rights of their Muslim citizens and protecting the religious beliefs of over one million Muslims across the globe. Meanwhile, the powerful Muslims nations threatened to sever their diplomatic and trade links with countries who fail in ending religious desecration of Islamic sacred books and blasphemous acts against Muslims on their soil. The Danish government has finally woken up, and initiated a sane move that would surely resist Islamophobia in the Nordic nation when it becomes a law.

This positive trend must be followed by other western nations if they intend to advance interfaith harmony and promote rule of the law in their countries. Realistically, it had been possible only due to religious solidarity of Muslim Ummah, Political wisdom and kynetic diplomacy of Muslim leaders in the world. Therefore, the Muslims across the world must frimley uphold unity and Muslim brotherhood if they want to live a dignified life in this world.