Japan’s release of toxic water

The bilateral relations of Tokyo and Beijing witnessed a record low in recent days. Both nations accused each other of misconduct and undertook certain reciprocatory measures that further intensified their tussle. Last week, China banned all seafood imports from its neighbour after Japan began releasing cooling water from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the Sea.

Japan has summoned the Chinese ambassador after Chinese seafood businesses and fishery departments were inundated by ‘harassment’ phone calls following the release of water from the Fukushima nuclear plant, that is otherwise declared unharmful by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Japanese authorities believe the harassment calls and stones throwing into the Japanese embassy and Japanese schools in Beijing are pre planned agenda. Tokyo suspicions were further supported by Chinese social media users,who have posted recordings and videos of those calls, some of which have attracted tens of thousands of likes and comments.

China-Japan are a long standing foe and their rivalry has been rebirth by the emergence of US-China global competition that encompasses a wide range of issues from Taiwan independence to Xinjiang issue, South China Sea to Solomon Island. Interestingly, President Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative and newly rising BRICS club are the new dimension of this tussle that was rapidly involving other nations in this destructive competition. The resolute Japanese gave away their ambition for global supremacy after America’s little boy and Fat man entirely wiped out Heroshima and Nagasaki respectively in early August 1945. Now, Washington was the guarantor of Japan’s security while keeping Tokyo’s sovereignty under check.

In the current Scenario, American troops and the mighty 7th fleet is stationed in Japan from where US generals are controlling wargames against the PLA. Beijing has utmost anger and axiousty against its Eastern neighbor who already has territorial dispute with China. Thus, stone pelting and wrong calls are bulling tactic to corecie Japanese government and its people who had long laid their arms to live a peaceful life. In fact, desire for peace is not a bad intent but passisim is a bad quality that invites aggression and promotes slavery in this world.