Join ANP to secure Pashtun rights: Farooq

Anees Takar

MARDAN: Farooq Akram Khan, a member of the Awami National Party Provincial Working Committee, addressed media representatives in Mardan, stressing the importance of Pashtuns joining the party for the protection of their rights.

He highlighted how in the 2013 elections, promises of “Change” and a better future were misleading for Pashtun youth, leading them astray from their goals.

Akram emphasized that mistakes are a natural part of growth and success lies in learning from them. He extended an invitation to the youth to join the Awami National Party, asserting that the party’s doors are open to all who want to contribute towards achieving the rights of Pashtuns.

Akram pointed to the accomplishments of the Awami National Party, particularly under the leadership of former Chief Minister Haider Khan Hoti. He mentioned various development projects, such as medical colleges, schools, technical colleges, and infrastructure projects that were completed due to the party’s efforts. He urged the youth to reflect on the positive impact the party has had on Mardan and the province as a whole.

He criticized the 2013 elections, claiming that the mandate of Pashtuns was stolen, resulting in the imposition of rulers who marginalized the province and exploited its resources. Khan pledged that the Awami National Party would continue to raise its voice against oppression faced by Pashtuns and work tirelessly to achieve their rights.

Khan also pointed out that the party which ruled Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for a decade failed to provide employment opportunities and easy business prospects for the youth. He urged support for the Awami National Party as a means to safeguard the province’s future and empower its people.