Kabul police use water cannon as protest disrupts traffic

KABUL (Pajhwok): Over a hundred supporters of unsuccessful candidates staged a rally at the Pashtunistan Watt in downtown Kabul, blocking traffic for about six hours before they were dispersed by spraying water.

The protestors were demanding invalidation of all Kabul votes and conducting re-elections. They further warned to close entry points to Kabul if their demands were not addressed.

The Independent Election Commission has announced final results of the Oct Wolesi Jirgaelections from 18 provinces and has pledged to announce the final results from the remaining provinces until March 6.

The protestors who closed many roads caused traffic disruption in the already crowded area.

Hassan Jan Dawlatzai, one of the protestors, alleged massive corruption, fraud and rigging had happened in the October 20 polls and said he had evidence to prove his claims.

The protestors wanted to erect a protest tent in the Pashunistan Watt, but security forces did not allow them and finally police sprayed water to disperse them.

Police spokesman Basir Mujahid said the protestors without informing police had closed the Pashunistan square for traffic and wanted to erect a tent which was not allowed by police.