KPCTA to mark Ghani Khan Day on 24 March

Zeeshan Bangash

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Culture and Tourism Authority has plan to arrange an event in the memory of great Artist, Pashto poet and thinker Ghani Khan on 24 March to observe his 26th death anniversary at Ghani Dheri area of Charsadda district.

The ceremony will be held at Ghani’s ancestral village in Charsadda district. KPCTA is aimed and missioned towards the promotion and preservation culture, Arts and tourism. In this regard the famous personality who had created distinguished position in Pashto culture, customs and especially in literature shall be given priority to aware youth on their masterpieces developed on the Pakhtun’s norm.

The aim of the event is to pay tribute to Ghani Khan’s contributions to art, peace, literature and humanism while the ceremony will also elaborate the importance of his poetry and contribution to literature in Pashto language.

During the ceremony well-known Pashto poet and academician Professor Abaseen Yousafzai along with Iqbal Hussain Afkar, Prof. Dr. Waqar Ali Shah, Dr. Sami-ud-din, and Dr. Tanha will have been invited to throw light on works of Ghani Khan. An open invitation has been delivered to academia, students, local elders, officials, and fans of Ghani Khan for attending the event.

Moreover, Ghani Khan called himself as “Insane Philosopher”, due to his poetic depth, uniqueness, individuality, diversity, and imaginative colorfulness are matchlessness self-indulging traits only owned by him. Ghani was the eldest child of the revered independence activist Abdul Ghaffar Khan alias Bacha Khan.

However, he shunned politics and became a painter, sculptor art and a poet par excellence. Ghani Khan was born in 1914 in Hashtnagar, Charsadda, or ancient Pushkalavati, which was the capital of the mighty Gandhara civilization; and in this sense, his artistic forays have a primordial touch to them. This event aims to serve, revive and reiterate the artist work of Ghani Khan as it will be documented and published later to add to his life of literature contribution.