Laadlas versus Jiyalas

Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari toasted his party workers that the nation and the PPP goes back three generations of their commitment and their relationship had strengthened throughout the past. While addressing a workers’ convention in Abbottabad, Zardari appreciated his party’s Jiyalas for giving a warm welcome to him and magnificent preparation to run the party’s campaign in the upcoming election. Bilawal called the PML-N Supremo and criticized him for being Laadla, the alias he previously used for PTI Chairman Iman Khan in the past.

The Pakistan People Party (PPP) is nearly completing the seventh decade of its foundation and the third generation of the PPP’s founding fathers is currently leading the legacy of their grandfather. Beginning with the slogan of Roti, Kapra, and Makkan which the party neither sold out successfully nor accomplished its manifesto despite governing the nation multiple times in the past. After facing staunch opposition from the adversaries, the incumbent PPP Chairman has currently transitioned the party’s manifesto from Roti, Kapra and Makkan to raise in the salaries, Benazir Mazdoor card and Benazir Kisan card which clearly manifest the future narrative of the party and the vision of its leaders, which looks national growth in distribution of government resources among the pubic instead of the creation of jobs through promotion of agriculture, industry and IT and other sectors.

After successful accomplishment of Foreign minister’s role in the coalition government, Mr. Bhutto was fully prepared to assume the responsibility of Primer-ship but the dove sits on the head of senior Sharif who is currently playing the role of a Laadla and ready to take responsibility for the fourth time. Although, change in the roles upset the young leader, yet Bhutto and his Jiyalas are ready to champion the forthcoming contest, whose victor would rule in the nation in the future.k